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1.2.0 Bijbelwetenschappen Tenach / OT algemeen

Ackerman, Susan
When Heroes Love: The Ambiguity of Eros in the Stories of Gilgamesh and David
Religion and Gender, Columbia UP, 2005, geb, 353 pp, € 56.50, 9780231132602
Albertz, R.
Israel in Exile. The History and Literature of the Sixth Century B.C.E.
Studies in Biblical Literature, 3, SBL, 2003, pap, 461 pp, € 54.50, 9781589830554
Albertz, R. & B. Becking (eds.)
Yahwism after the Exile. Pespectives on Israelite Religion in the Persian Era
by order
STAR 5, Van Gorcum, 2003, geb, 300 pp, € 84.00, 902323880x / 9789023238805
Albrektson, B.
Text, Translation, Theology. Selected Essays on the Hebrew Bible
Society for Old Testament Study, Ashgate, 2010, geb, 154 pp, € 57.50, 9780754669081
Alter, Robert
Canon and Creativity. Modern writing and the authority of scripture
by order
Yale UP, 2000, pap, 198 pp, € 18.95, 9780300084245
Amit, Y.
History and Ideology. An Introduction to Historiography in the Hebrew Bible
By order
The Biblical Seminar 60, Sheffield Academic Press, 1999, pap, 127 pp, € 26.90, 1850759286 / 9781850759287
Amit, Y.
Reading Biblical Narrative. Literary Criticism and the Hebrew Bible
Fortress Press, 2001, pap, 188 pp, € 23.95, 9780800632809
Atwell, J.E.
The Sources of the Old Testament. A Guide to the Religious Thought of the Hebrew Bible
Understanding the Bible and its World Series, T & T Clark, 2004, pap, 252 pp, € 27.00, 9780567084637
Ausloos, Hans
Oud maar niet verouderd, een inleiding tot de studie van het Oude Testament
Zowel in het jodendom, het christendom als de islam speelt het Oude Testament een centrale rol. Tegen deze achtergrond behandelt dit boek de belangrijkste kwesties die betrekking hebben op een adequate interpretatie ervan.Het eerste deel onderzoekt de oorsprong van de term Oude Testament en belicht waarom sommige boeken er wel deel van uitmaken, terwijl andere geschriften te licht werden bevonden. In het tweede deel maakt de lezer kennis met het land van de bijbel. Daarnaast komt de heikele kwestie van de historiciteit van de oudtestamentische verhalen uitgebreid aan bod. Hebben Abraham of Mozes echt bestaan of zijn ze slechts personages in fraaie verhalen? Het derde deel bespreekt de geschiedenis van de interpretatie van het Oude Testament in het joden- en christendom. Tot slot wordt aandacht besteed aan het actuele veelvoud van benaderingen van de oudtestamentische literatuur.
Acco, 2006, pap, 246 pp, € 32.35, 9789033462559
Bail, Ulrike
'Die verzogene Sehnsucht hinkt an ihren Or't. Literarische Ueberlebensstrategien nach der Zerstoerung Jerusalems im Alten Testament
Wie konnte Israel die politische and religioese Katastrophe der Zerstoerung Jerusalems im Jahr 587 v. Chr. und das anschliessende Exil ueberleben und verarbeiten?

Diese Frage geht Ulrike Bail nach. Im Zentrum ihrer Untersuchung stehen exemplarische Texte aus den Klageliedern Jeremias und dem Michabuch. Sie zeigt, wie neue theologische Orientierungshilfen und Konzeptionen entwickelt wurden, indem der Schrecken und die Desorientierung sprachlich reflektiert wurden. Die Katastrophe wurde nicht verdraengt; dominierend ist der Schmerz, die Trauerarbeit praesent. So schufen literarische Texte die Moeglichkeit, Raume zu entwerfen, in denen Hoffnung moeglich ist.

Guetersloher, 2004, pap, 167 pp, € 24.00, 9783579054247
Barbiero, G.
Studien zu alttestamentlichen Texten
Stuttgarter Biblische Aufsatzbaende Altes Testament 34, Katholisches Bibelwerk, 2002, pap, 303 pp, € 32.50, 9783460063419
Barker, M.
The Gate of Heaven, The History and Symbolism of the Temple in Jerusalem
By Order
Sheffield Academic Press, 2008, pap, 224 pp, € 29.90, 978-1-906055-42-4
Barrick, B.W.
BMH as Body Language, a Lexical and Iconographical study of the word BMH when not a Reference to Cultic Phenomena in Biblical and Post-Biblical Hebrew
Library of Hebrew Bible Old Testament Studies, T&T Clark, 2008, geb, 192 pp, € 91.50, 9780567026583
Barr, J.
History and Ideology in the Old Testament: Biblical Studies at the End of a Millenium
by order
Oxford UP, 2005, pap, 198 pp, € 33.50, 0199280533 / 9780199280537
Barr, J.
The Concept of Biblical Theology. An Old Testament Perspective
SCM Press, 1999, pap, 715 pp, € 49.90, 0334029546
Barstad, H. M.
A Brief Guide to the Hebrew Bible
Westminster John Knox Press, 2010, pap, 229 pp, € 27.50, 9780664233259
Barton, J.
The Old Testament: Canon, Literature and Theology. Collected Essays of John Barton
This collection of John Barton's work engages with current concern over the biblical canon, in both historical and theological aspects; with literary reading of the Bible and current literary theory as it bears on biblical studies; and with the theological reading and use of the biblical text. John Barton's distinctive writing reflects a commitment to a 'liberal' approach to the Bible, which places a high value on traditional biblical criticism and also seeks to show how evocative and full of insight the biblical texts are and how they can contribute to modern theological concerns. This invaluable selection of published writings by one of the leading authorities on biblical text and canon, also includes new essays and editorial introductions from the author.
Ashgate, 2007, geb, € 84.50, 9780754654513
Bautch, R. J.
Glory and Power, Ritual and Relationship. The Sinai Covenant in the Postexilic Period
Library of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament Studies 471, Continuum, 2009, geb, 175 pp, € 64.50, 9780567028228
Beach, E.F.
The Jezebel Letters. Religion and Politics in Ninth-Century Israel
Fortress Press, 2005, geb, 220 pp, € 19.00, 0800637542 / 9780800637545
Becker, Uwe
Exegese des Alten Testaments. 2. Auflage
Mohr Siebeck, 2008, pap, 226 pp, € 19.50, 9783825226640
Becking, B., A. Cannegieter, W. van de Poll & A. Wetter (eds.)
From Babylon to Eternity: The Exile Remembered and Constructed in Text and Tradition
Generally, readers have a negative idea of the Exile. Psalm 137 has fuelled the idea that this was a time of sorrow and despair. This image of the Exile influenced, for instance, Luther's ideas on the Babylonian Captivity of the Church. The four essays in this volume deconstruct and reconstruct this image. Bob Becking tries to recreate a history of the exile. On the basis of the available evidence, this could be no more than a fragmented history, nevertheless showing that the fate of the exiles was not as bad as often supposed. Anne Mareike Wetter reveals that the biblical image of exile is multi facetted. She shows how a tradition of a people tied to their God-given land was challenged by the reality of foreign occupation. And how that people eventually succeeded in translating this experience, appropriating them through a transformation into a counter-tradition that enabled them to cope with the new situation, without breaking entirely with their cultural and religious heritage.Jewish ideas on Exile are discussed by Wilfred van der Poll. He concentrates on the use of the concept of galut, which refers to the paradigmatic and identity-shaping function of the dispersion of the people of Israel and showed that the exile in Jewish thinking had become a permanent reality up until the present day. From the perspective of intertextual reading, Alex Cannegieter discusses four texts of varying ages and background - Augustine, Petrarch, Luther, and a Dutch sermon held after the end of the Second World War. She explores the ways authors chose biblical texts to appropriate them a new context, thereby changing the meaning of the new, as well as the source texts.
Bibleworld Series, Equinox, 2010, geb, 112 pp, € 82.50, 9781845533052
Becking, B., A. Cannegieter & W. van der Poll
From Babylon to Eternity: The Exile Remembered and Constructed in Text and Tradition
Generally, readers have a negative idea of the Exile. Psalm 137 has fuelled the idea that this was a time of sorrow and despair. This image of the Exile influenced, for instance, Luther's ideas on the Babylonian Captivity of the Church. The four essays in this volume deconstruct and reconstruct this image. Bob Becking tries to recreate a history of the exile. On the basis of the available evidence, this could be no more than a fragmented history, nevertheless showing that the fate of the exiles was not as bad as often supposed. Anne Mareike Wetter reveals that the biblical image of exile is multi facetted. She shows how a tradition of a people tied to their God-given land was challenged by the reality of foreign occupation. And how that people eventually succeeded in translating this experience, appropriating them through a transformation into a counter-tradition that enabled them to cope with the new situation, without breaking entirely with their cultural and religious heritage.Jewish ideas on Exile are discussed by Wilfred van der Poll. He concentrates on the use of the concept of galut, which refers to the paradigmatic and identity-shaping function of the dispersion of the people of Israel and showed that the exile in Jewish thinking had become a permanent reality up until the present day. From the perspective of intertextual reading, Alex Cannegieter discusses four texts of varying ages and background - Augustine, Petrarch, Luther, and a Dutch sermon held after the end of the Second World War. She explores the ways authors chose biblical texts to appropriate them a new context, thereby changing the meaning of the new, as well as the source texts.
Bibleworld Series, Equinox, 2009, pap, 112 pp, € 24.50, 9781845533069
Becking, B., D. Human (eds)
Exile and Suffering. A Selection of Papers Read at the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the Old Testament Society of South Africa, Pretoria August 2007
Oudtestamentische Studien 50 / Old Testament Studies 50, Brill, 2009, geb, 280 pp, € 106.90, 9789004171046
Bellis, A.O.
Helpmates, Harlots, and Heroes. Womens Stories in the Hebrew Bible
WJK, 2007, pap, 306 pp, € 27.50, 9780664230289
Ben-Dor Benite, Z.
The Ten Lost Tribes. A World History
Oxford UP, 2009, geb, 302 pp, € 26.50, 9780195307337
Berg, A. van den
Het Pentateuch Plan
Het Pentateuch Plan laat op een originele manier het verhaal van de joodse en de christelijke tradities zien in hun oorspronkelijke inspiratie en in hun veelkleurige praktijk door de eeuwen heen. Het is geen kerk, geen godsdienst, geen staat, en al helemaal geen wereldrijk, maar een ondernemende beweging die kansen zoekt, vindt en creeert voor een menselijk bestaan. Zorg en onderwijs voor iedereen zijn de belangrijkste terreinen waarop deze onderneming zich richt.
Skandalon, 2014, pap, 224 pp, € 19.50, 9789490708900
Bergmann, Michael, Michael J. Murray, Michael C. Rea (eds)
Divine Evil?: The Moral Character of the God of Abraham
Adherents of the Abrahamic religions have traditionally held that God is morally perfect and unconditionally deserving of devotion, obedience, love, and worship. The Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scriptures tell us that God is compassionate, merciful, and just. As is well-known, however, these same scriptures contain passages that portray God as wrathful, severely punitive, and jealous. Critics furthermore argue that the God of these scriptures commends bigotry, misogyny, and homophobia, condones slavery, and demands the adoption of unjust laws-for example, laws that mandate the death penalty for adultery and rebellion against parents, and laws institutionalizing in various ways the diverse kinds of bigotry and oppression just mentioned. In recent days, these sorts of criticisms of the Hebrew Bible have been raised in new and forceful ways by philosophers, scientists, social commentators, and others. This volume brings together eleven original essays representing the views of both critics and defenders of the character of God as portrayed in these texts. Authors represent the disciplines of philosophy, religion, and Biblical studies. Each essay is accompanied by comments from another author who takes a critical approach to the thesis defended in that essay, along with replies by the essay's author.
Oxford UP, 2013, pap, 337 pp, € 35.50, 9780199671854
Berman, J. A.
Created Equal. How the Bible Broke with Ancient Political Thought
In Created Equal, Joshua Berman engages the text of the Hebrew Bible from a novel perspective, considering it as a document of social and political thought. He proposes that the Pentateuch can be read as the earliest prescription on record for the establishment of an egalitarian polity. What emerges is the blueprint for a society that would stand in stark contrast to the surrounding cultures of the ancient Near East --Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ugarit, and the Hittite Empire - in which the hierarchical structure of the polity was centered on the figure of the king and his retinue.

Berman shows that an egalitarian ideal is articulated in comprehensive fashion in the Pentateuch and is expressed in its theology, politics, economics, use of technologies of communication, and in its narrative literature. Throughout, he invokes parallels from the modern period as heuristic devices to illuminate ancient developments. Thus, for example, the constitutional principles in the Book of Deuteronomy are examined in the light of those espoused by Montesquieu, and the rise of the novel in 18th-century England serves to illuminate the advent of new modes of storytelling in biblical narrative.

Oxford UP, 2008 / 2012, pap, 249 pp, € 23.50, 9780199832408
Berman, J.A.
Created Equal. How the Bible Broke with Ancient Political Thought
In Created Equal, Joshua Berman engages the text of the Hebrew Bible from a novel perspective, considering it as a document of social and political thought. He proposes that the Pentateuch can be read as the earliest prescription on record for the establishment of an egalitarian polity. What emerges is the blueprint for a society that would stand in stark contrast to the surrounding cultures of the ancient Near East --Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ugarit, and the Hittite Empire - in which the hierarchical structure of the polity was centered on the figure of the king and his retinue.

Berman shows that an egalitarian ideal is articulated in comprehensive fashion in the Pentateuch and is expressed in its theology, politics, economics, use of technologies of communication, and in its narrative literature. Throughout, he invokes parallels from the modern period as heuristic devices to illuminate ancient developments. Thus, for example, the constitutional principles in the Book of Deuteronomy are examined in the light of those espoused by Montesquieu, and the rise of the novel in 18th-century England serves to illuminate the advent of new modes of storytelling in biblical narrative.

Oxford UP, 2008, geb, 249 pp, € 38.50, 9780195374704
Bie, H.J. de
Bijbelse theologie van het Oude Testament vanuit de gereformeerde traditie. Een aanzet en uitnodiging
In dit bijbelstudieboek vormt Tenach het uitgangspunt. De Wet, de Profeten en de Geschriften bepalen de route voor de beschrijving van de theologie van het Oude Testament. Tenach wordt bezien in het perspectief van het Nieuwe Testament. Daarmee is dit boek in lijn met de gereformeerde traditie. Het heeft een heel eigen karakter, doordat de auteur de synchronische exegese volgt. Hij richt zich op wat een bijbeltekst nu met mensen doet en laat de tekst voor zichzelf spreken. Hij concentreert zich onder meer op de grondstructuren, de associaties in woordgebruik, de tekstpatronen en de kernwoorden in samenhang met een bijbelboek als geheel. Door uitgebreid stil te staan bij Genesis, Leviticus en Jozua ontvouwt hij een panorama dat verrassende vergezichten biedt. 'Bijbelse theologie van het Oude Testament vanuit de gereformeerde traditie' is gebaseerd op de Herziene Statenvertaling (HSV)
Groen, 2011, geb, 304 pp, € 39.95, 9789058299697
Birch, B. C. e.a.
A Theological Introduction to the Old Testament
Abingdon Press, 2005, 2nd ed., pap, 485 pp, € 40.95, 9780687066766
Bishop Moore, M. & B.E. Kelle
Biblical History and Israel`s Past. The Changing study of the Bible and History
William. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2011, pap, 517 pp, € 42.50, 9780802862600
Blom, C.
Zonder grond onder de voeten. Een theologische analyse van het boek Job en Genesis 1-4 vanuit het perspectief van het kwaad in de schepping
Boekencentrum Academic, 2009, pap, 320 pp, € 26.90, 9789023924050
Boer, R. & J. Okland (eds.)
Marxist Feminist Criticism of the Bible
Sheffield Academic Press, 2008, geb, 252 pp, € 49.90, 9781906055356
Brams, S.J.
Biblical games, game theory and the Hebrew bible
The MIT Press, 2003, pap, 220pp, € 24.95, 9780262523325
Brenner, Athalya
I Am...Biblical Women Tell Their Own Stories
Athalya Brenner presents fictionalized "autobiographies" of a dozen women and women groups in the Hebrew Bible, and also lets them share a conversation session. This allows her to include how these women have been interpreted - not only in the Bible itself, but also in Jewish and Christian traditions and by modern commentators. The result is a thoroughly engaging and insightful look at women, from a leading biblical interpreter who has a very creative edge to all her work.
Fortress Press, 2004, pap, 229 pp, € 17.50, 9780800636654
Brettler, M.Z.
How to read the Bible
JPS, 2005, geb, 384 pp, € 36.95, 9780827607750
Brooke, G.J.(ed)
Jewish ways of reading the Bible.
This is a cohesive, thematically organised, study of Jewish Biblical interpretation and is essential reading for anyone interested in bible interpretation throughout the ages.
Journal of Semitic Studies Supplement, Oxford, 2000, geb, 326 pp, € 90.00, 9780198509189
Brueggemann, Walter
An Unsettling God. The Heart of the Hebrew Bible
Augsburg Fortress, 2009, pap, 212 pp, € 34.50, 9780800663636
Brueggemann, Walter
Great Prayers of the Old Testament
WJK, 2008, pap, 142 pp, € 13.50, 9780664231743
Brueggemann, Walter
Old Testament Theology, an Introduction
Abingdon Press, 2008, pap, 433 pp, € 23.90, 9780687340903
Brueggemann, Walter
Out of Babylon
Abingdon Press, 2010, pap, 178 pp, € 16.50, 9781426710056
Brueggemann, Walter
Theology of the Old Testament, Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy
"This truly remarkable book is the first 'postmodern' Old Testament theology, comparable in stature to Eichrodt and von Rad, but in a totally new idiom. Walter Brueggemann seizes the present pluralism of methods and interpretations, which has paralyzed large-scale theologizing, as an opening to the rich pluralism of Israelite witnesses who offer core testimony and countertestimony concerning Yahweh, the Central Character of the Old Testament. It is an accomplishment that will both enthrall and alarm attentive readers as they become members of the 'jury' who are invited to weigh this astonishing testimony."- Norman K. Gottwald, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, New York Theological Seminary

"After a brilliant introduction that clearly defines the position of his work within the present scholarly and theological situation, Walter Brueggemann unfolds 'Israel's testimony' in a far-reaching and thoroughgoing manner. This book will undoubtedly become a milestone in the field of Old Testament theology."- Rolf Rendtorff, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Fortress Press, 2005/2012, pap, 777 pp, € 33.95, 9780800699314
Brueggemann, Walter
The Word that Redescribes the World. The Bible and Discipleship
Van 26.95 voor 18.50

In the last several years, Walter Brueggemann's writings have directly addressed the situation of Christian communities in today's globalized context, with its consumerist lifestyles, vast inequalities, and near-imperial exercises of power. His insights, forged in rugged encounters with the texts of the Old Testament, are sharp, painful, and indispensable. In the people Israel Brueggemann finds a model of an alternative community - anchored in YHWH, ever exploring new possibilities, and prophetically bent against empire.

Fortress, 2011, pap, 237 pp, € 18.50, 9780800698294
Burggraeve, Roger
Hoog tijd voor een andere God - bijbels diepgronden naar de ziel van ons mens-zijn Roger Burggraeve in gesprek met Guido Caerts en Paula Veestraeten
Velen van ons zijn opgegroeid met een welomschreven godsbeeld, dat eigenschappen meekreeg als almachtig, hoog verheven en alwetend. Ook de Bijbelverhalen intrigeerden ons als kind, maar zij versterkten nog de voorstelling van een belonende en straffende god-regisseur. Zoveel jaren later is die god een stille dood gestorven; hij is niet verzoenbaar met de voortschrijdende wetenschappelijke ontwikkelingen en de cultuur-historische context waarin we leven. De meesten laten het daar dan ook bij. Zo wordt religie maatschappelijk irrelevant.

Tegen de stroom in haalt Roger Burggraeve die vergeelde histories van onder het stof. Door een alternatieve lezing van de scheppingsverhalen, Abram en Sarai, Jona, Job, Mozes, de barmhartige Samaritaan ... licht voor de lezer een heel ander gezicht van religie op. Het oude godsbeeld wordt voorgoed begraven, om plaats te maken voor een andere God en ... een andere mens.

Roger Burggraeve is ethicus, Levinasonderzoeker en Bijbelfilosoof. Guido CaertsS en Paula Veestraeten zijn beiden romanist en redactielid van het religieuze magazine Golfslag.

Davidsfonds, 2015, pap, 176 pp, € 22.50, 9789059086494
Burnette-Bletsch, R.
Studying the Old Testament: A Companion
Abingdon, 2007, pap, 299 pp, € 30.95, 9780687646234
Burnett, J.S.
Where is God? Divine Absence in the Hebrew Bible
Augsburg Fortress, 2010, geb, 287p, € 32.90, 9780800662974
Camp, C.V,
Wise, Strange and Holy, The Strange Woman and the Making of the Bible
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, Supplement Series 320, Sheffield Academic Press, 2000, pap, 371 pp, € 35.50, 9781841271675
Carden, Michael
Sodomy. A History of a Christian Biblical Myth
a study of the reception of Gen. 19, together with Judges 19-21, in both Christian and Jewish traditions from Antiquity through to the Reformation period
Bible World Series, Equinox, 2004, pap, 226 pp, € 57.50, 9781904768302
Carr, D. M.
An Introduction to the Old Testament. Sacred Texts and Imperial Contexts of the Hebrew Bible
Wiley-Blackwell, 2010, pap, 276p, € 27.90, 9781405184670
Carr, D. M.
An Introduction to the Old Testament. Sacred Texts and Imperial Contexts of the Hebrew Bible
Wiley-Blackwell, 2010, geb, 276p, € 71.50, 9781405184687
Carr, D. M.
Writing on the Tablet of the Heart: Origins of Scripture and Literature
Oxford UP, 2005, geb, 330 pp, € 67.00, 0195172973
Carr, D. M.
Writing on the Tablet of the Heart. Origins of Scripture and Literature
Oxford UP, 2009, pap, 352 pp, € 31.50, 9780195382426
Carr, D.M.
The Formation of the Hebrew Bible. A New Reconstruction
In The Formation of the Hebrew Bible David Carr rethinks both the methods and historical orientation points for research into the growth of the Hebrew Bible into its present form. Building on his prior work, Writing on the Tablet of the Heart (Oxford, 2005), he explores both the possibilities and limits of reconstruction of pre-stages of the Bible. The method he advocates is a "methodologically modest" investigation of those pre-stages, utilizing criteria and models derived from his survey of documented examples of textual revision in the Ancient Near East. The result is a new picture of the formation of the Hebrew Bible, with insights on the initial emergence of Hebrew literary textuality, the development of the first Hexateuch, and the final formation of the Hebrew Bible. Where some have advocated dating the bulk of the Hebrew Bible in a single period, whether relatively early (Neo-Assyrian) or late (Persian or Hellenistic), Carr uncovers specific evidence that the Hebrew Bible contains texts dating across Israelite history, even the early pre-exilic period (10th-9th centuries). He traces the impact of Neo-Assyrian imperialism on eighth and seventh century Israelite textuality. He uses studies of collective trauma to identify marks of the reshaping and collection of traditions in response to the destruction of Jerusalem and Babylonian exile. He develops a picture of varied Priestly reshaping of narrative and prophetic traditions in the Second Temple period, including the move toward eschatological and apocalyptic themes and genres. And he uses manuscript evidence from Qumran and the Septuagint to find clues to the final literary shaping of the proto-Masoretic text, likely under the Hasmonean monarchy.
Oxford UP, 2011, geb, 524 pp, € 67.50, 9780199742608
Cataldo, J. W.
A Theocratic Yehud? Issues of Government in a Persian Province
Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies, 498, T&T Clark, 2009, geb, 218 pp, € 71.00, 9780567599346
Clanton, Jr., Dan W.
Daring, Disreputable and Devout. Interpreting the Bibles Women in the Arts and Music
Continuum, 2009, pap, 198 pp, € 27.90, 9780567027016
Clines, David J. A.
On the Way to the Postmodern. Old Testament Essays, 1967-1998 vol 2
For these volumes, the author has selected 50 articles and papers, ten of them not previously published, from his work as an Old Testament scholar over the last 30 years. Some of the papers, like The Evidence for an Autumnal New Year in Pre-exilic Israel Reconsidered, are far from postmodern in their outlook. But there is ample evidence here that the postmodern is indeed the direction in which his mind has been moving. The essays are organized in eight sections (Method, Literature, History, Theology, Language, Psalms, Job-and, for entertainment, Divertimenti). They include Reading Esther from Left to Right, Beyond Synchronic Diachronic, Story and Poem: The Old Testament as Literature and as Scripture, In Search of the Indian Job, and Philology and Power-as well as The Postmodern Adventure in Biblical Studies.
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement S. No. 293, Sheffield Academic Press, 1998, geb, 468 pp, € 165.00, 9781850759836
Clines, David J.A.
On the Way to the Postmodern. Old Testament Essays, 1967-1998 vol 1
For these two volumes, the author has selected 50 articles and papers, ten of them not previously published, from his work as an Old Testament scholar over the last 30 years. Some of the papers, like The Evidence for an Autumnal New Year in Pre-exilic Israel Reconsidered, are far from postmodern in their outlook. But there is ample evidence here that the postmodern is indeed the direction in which his mind has been moving. The essays are organized in eight sections (Method, Literature, History, Theology, Language, Psalms, Job-and, for entertainment, Divertimenti). They include Reading Esther from Left to Right, Beyond Synchronic Diachronic, Story and Poem: The Old Testament as Literature and as Scripture, In Search of the Indian Job, and Philology and Power-as well as The Postmodern Adventure in Biblical Studies.
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series 292, Sheffield Academic Press, 1998, geb, 443 pp, € 97.50, 9781850759010
Cohen, R.& Westbrook, R. (eds)
Amarna Diplomacy. The beginnings of international relations.
Published in 1992, William L. Moran's definitive English translation, The Amarna Letters, raised as many questions as it answered. How did Pharaoh run his empire? Why did the god-king consent to deal with his fellow, mortal monarchs as equals? Indeed, why did kings engage in diplomacy at all? How did the great powers maintain international peace and order? In Amarna Diplomacy, Raymond Cohen and Raymond Westbrook have brought together a team of specialists, both social scientists and ancient historians, to explore the world of ancient Near Eastern statecraft portrayed in the letters. Subjects discussed include Egyptian imperial and foreign policy, international law and trade, geopolitics and decision making, intelligence, and diplomacy. This book will be of interest to scholars not only of the ancient Near East and the Bible but also of international relations and diplomatic studies.
John Hopkins UP, 2002, pap, 307 pp, € 27.50, 9780801871030
Collins, John Joseph
A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, third edition
A marvel of conciseness, John J. Collins' A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible is quickly becoming one of the most popular introductory textbooks in colleges and university classrooms. Here the erudition of Collins' renowned Introduction to the Hebrew Bible is combined with even more student-friendly features, including charts, maps, photographs, chapter summaries, illuminating vignettes, and bibliographies for further reading. The second edition has been carefully revised to take the latest scholarly developments into account.
Fortress, 20072018, pap, 376 pp, € 50.95, 9781506445991
Coogan, M.D.
A Brief Introduction to the Old Testament. The Hebrew Bible in Its Context
Engaging and accessible to students from all backgrounds, A Brief Introduction to the Old Testament: The Hebrew Bible in Its Context, Second Edition, is an updated, concise, and more pedagogical version of Michael D. Coogan's best-selling The Old Testament: A Historical and Literary Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures, Second Edition (OUP, 2010). Coogan works primarily from a historical and critical methodology but also introduces students to literary analysis and other interpretive strategies. He examines all the books of the Hebrew Bible and considers additional writings from the ancient Near East. The Apocryphal / Deuterocanonical books are included in an appendix. Providing a nondenominational and nondoctrinal treatment, this text offers a unique and captivating introduction to the Hebrew scriptures themselves and to how they have been--and can be--interpreted.
Oxford UP, 2008, pap, 464 pp, € 58.90, 9780199830114
Crusemann, Frank
Kanon und Sozialgeschichte. Beitrage zum Alten Testament.
Der Band versammelt die wichtigsten Arbeiten Frank Crusemanns zu zentralen alttestamentlichen Texten und zu Grundproblemen alttestamentlicher Hermeneutik. Eine Exegese, die einerseits stets den kanonischen Zusammenhang der Texte im Blick behalt, und andererseits immer den je eigenen sozialgeschichtlichen Hintergrund mit beleuchtet. So eroffnen die hier gesammeltel Studien einen neuen Zugang zur Urgeschichte, den Abraham- und Jakoberzahlungen, zum Hoseabuch und zu den Psalmen. Arbeiten uber die Struktur des Kanons, uber die Wandlungen und Funktion der Exodustradition und zur theologischen Bedeutung des Alten Testaments fur die christliche Theologie runden den Band ab.

Frank Crusemann ist Professor em. fur Altes Testament an der Kirchlichen Hochschule Bethei in Bielefeld.

Chr. Kaiser/ Gueterloher Verlag, 2003, pap, 330 pp, € 44.50, 9783579053974
Dafni, E. G.
Genesis, Plato und Euripides. Drei Studien zum Austausch von griegischem und hebraischem Sprach- und Gedankengut in der Klassik und im Hellenismus
Neukirchener, 2010, pap, 160 pp, € 26.95, 9783788724252
Davidson, R.M.
Flame of Yahweh. Sexuality in the Old Testament
Hendrickson, 2007, pap, 844 pp, € 28.00, 9781565638471
Davies, Philip (ed)
First Person, Essays in Biblical Autobiography
Hebrew Biblical narratives are notoriously sparing in their portrayal of character, leaving much to the reader. Here a number of scholars assume the identities of some familiar biblical characters, and use the clues in the text, their own exegetical skills and knowledge of the biblical world, and their readerly imagination to fill in the gaps of the biblical text. In doing so, they remove the point of view of biblical narratives from the narrator to one of the characters, allowing the ideology of the text to be affirmed, adjusted or challenged. Contributors to this volume include Francis Landy, Athalya Brenner, Yairah Amit, John Goldingay, Jonathan Magonet, Hugh Pyper, and Philip Davies, and the biblical characters include Rahab, Isaiah, Gomer, Eve, Delilah, Joseph, Jeremiah and Haman.
The Biblical Seminar, Sheffield Academic Press, 2002, pap, 168 pp, € 27.50, 9781841272450
Davies, P.R.
On the Origins of Judaism
Bibleworld Series, Equinox, 2011, pap, 224 pp, € 23.50, 9781845533267
Davies, P.R.
On the Origins of Judaism
Bibleworld Series, Equinox, 2010, geb, 224 pp, € 77.00, 9781845533250
Davies, P.R.
The Origins of Biblical Israel
Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies, 485, T& T Clark, 2007 / 2009, pap, 197 pp, € 38.50, 9780567137616
Day, J. (ed.)
Temple and Worship in Biblical Israel
T&T Clark, 2007, pap, 559 pp, € 41.50, 9780567045713
Debel, H. (red.)
Verbonden door het boek. Bijbelse essays voor Paul Kevers
Als directeur van de Vlaamse Bijbelstichting (VBS) heeft Paul Kevers zich jarenlang ingezet om de Bijbel toegankelijk te maken en uit te leggen in Vlaanderen en Nederland. Ter gelegenheid van zijn 65e verjaardag brengen zijn collega's uit de stuurgroep van VBS hem hulde met deze bundel. De bijdragen hebben betrekking op boeken of passages uit het Oude en het Nieuwe Testament, op de receptiegeschiedenis van de Bijbel en op het gebruik van Bijbelse teksten in pastoraal, liturgie en kerkelijke documenten.
Averbode, 2011, pap, 288 pp, € 21.50, 9789031733897
Dell, K.
Opening the Old Testament
by order
Blackwell Publishing, 2008, pap, 224 pp, € 28.50, 9781405125017
Deurloo, K.
Schepping: Van Paulus tot Genesis

Wie God zegt, zegt Schepper. Wie schepping zegt, zegt natuur. Het mysterieuze heelal roept telkens weer gedachten op aan een oorsprong die meer is dan de "oerknal". Juist de allergrootste en allerkleinste structuren van de kosmos brengen mensen ertoe om over een Intelligent Design te spreken.

Valt er iets te ontdekken dat overeenkomst vertoont met Genesis 1? Het scheppingsverhaal is een van de vreemdste verhalen van de Bijbel, maar dat gaat een lezer pas later, vanuit het geheel van de Bijbel begrijpen. Daarom wordt in dit vierde deel van de Kleine Bijbelse Theologie het spoor terug gevolgd.

Kleine Bijbelse Theologie 4, Kok, 2008, geb, 164 pp, € 25.50, 9789043515009
Dick, M.B.
Reading the Old Testament: An Inductive Introduction
Hendrickson, 2008, geb, 367 pp, € 28.50, 9781565639539
Dietrich, Walter
>Theopolitik<. Studien zur Theologie und Ethik des Alten Testaments.
Die hier vereinigten Studien geben einen Eindruck von der Vielfalt und Kraft biblischer 'Theopolitik'. Sie behandeln Fragen individueller Religiositaet und Moral: Anfechtung und Gewissheit, Allmachtsglaube und Ohnmachtserfahrung, Armut und Solidaritaet, Aggression und Sanftmut, Glueck und Leiden, Tod und Auferstehung. Sie behandeln ebenso Fragen nach der gesellschaftlichen Relevanz von Religion und Ethik: Gerechtigkeit und Unrecht, Staatlichkeit und Gottesherrschaft, Monotheismus und Toleranz, Prophetie und Politik, Krieg und Frieden.
Neukirchner, 2002, pap, 297 pp, € 37.00, 9783788719142
Douglas, Mary
Jacob's Tears. The Priestly Work of Reconciliation
Who is Israel? Who were the priestly authors of the Pentateuch? This anthropological reading of the Bible, by a world-renowned scholar, starts by asking why the Book of Numbers lists the twelve tribes of Israel seven times. Mary Douglas argues that the editors, far from being a separate elite unconcerned with their congregation's troubles, cherished a political agenda, a religious protest against the government of Judah's exclusionary policies. The priestly theology depends on God's Covenant with all the descendants of Jacob, including the sons of Joseph. It would have been unpatriotic, even subversive, to speak against the wars with Samaria. This book suggest an explanation of the editors' disappearance from the history of Israel.
Oxford UP, 2006, pap, 218 pp, € 34.50, 9780199210640
Douma, J.
Van Egypte naar Kanaan
Op bestelling
Gaan in het spoor van het Oude Testament, Kok, 2004, pap, 155 pp, € 14.45, 9043510130 / 9789043510134
Dyk, Janet W. e.a. (eds)
Unless some one guide me. Festschrift for Karel Deurloo
A Liber Amicorum for Karel A. Deurloo, University Professor in Amsterdam, a guide to the biblical text for numerous students and scholars. Colleagues and friends offer him this book at the occosion of his official farewell to the University of Amsterdam. A compilation of articles in English, German and Frech is hre presented: Biblical Theology, Exegesis and Liturgy, these areas in which Karel Deurloo has distinguished himself.

This edition is an initiative of the Societas Hebraica Amstelodamensis.

Amsterdamse Cahiers voor Exegese van de Bijbel en zijn Tradities Supplement Series / ACEBTSS 2, Shaker Publishing, 2001, pap, 422 pp, € 19.50, 9789042301405
Dyk, Janet W. (ed.)
The rediscovery of the Hebrew Bible
Amsterdamse Cahiers voor Exegese van de Bijbel en zijn Tradities Supplement series / ACEBTSS 1, Shaker Publishing, 1999, pap, 158 pp, € 15.75, 9789042301047
Dyk, Janet W., Piet J. van Midden, Klaas Spronk & G. J. Venema (red)
Om voor te lezen - Miqra. Feestbundel voor Frits Hoogewoud
'Het is onmogelijk de hebreeuwse Bijbel, het Oude Testament, goed te vertalen. Toch moet het gebeuren...De poging moet herhaald worden, van revisie tot verieuwing zal er werk aan de winkel zijn en dat zal duren totdat de messias komt en de vertaling overbodig is omdat ieder de taal van het paradijs spreekt en verstaat.'

Dit woord van zijn leermeester M.A. Beek heeft Frits Hoogewoud heel zijn actieve leven begeleid. Hij was de drijvende kracht achter de serie vertalingen van de Societas Hebraica Amstelodamensis. Hij gaf deze de ondertitel mee: Een vertaling om voor te lezen.

Leden van de vertaalgroepen der SHA, sociatasgenoten en collega's van de Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana schreven opstellen voor deze bundel over vertaalmethodiek, over exegese en vertaling en over concrete tekstproblemen. Ze leveren daarmee een bijdrage aan de discussie die met het verschijnen van de Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling opnieuw actueel is geworden.'Het gaat er niet om of de bijbelvertaler mooi vertaalt, maar well dat hij juist en zonder vooroordeel doorgeeft wat hij gehoord heeft.'

Amsterdamse Cahiers voor Exegese van de Bijbel en haar Tradities Supplement Series / ACEBTSS 4, Shaker Publishing, 2005, pap, 197 pp, € 19.50, 9789042302754
Eberling, J.R.
Women`s Lives in Biblical Times
T & T Clark, 2010, pap, 172p, € 26.00, 9780567196446
Edelman, D.V. & E. Ben Zvi (eds)
The Production of Prophecy. Constructing Prophecy and Prophets in Yehud
Bible World Series, Equinox, 2009, pap, 235 pp, € 23.00, 9781845535001
Eisenberg, Ronald L.
Essential Figures in the Bible
For millions of people throughout the world, the Hebrew Bible functions as the foundation of their faith. For millions more, the same book functions as the subject of their studies. For both groups, the characters discussed in the Bible lend key insight to the lessons found there. However, sifting through the hundreds of names mentioned in this key religious text to find information about one figure can be tedious and time-consuming, and most reference guides either provide only brief, unhelpful entries on every character, including minor figures, or are so extensive that they can be more intimidating than the original text. Essential Figures in the Bible compiles thorough but manageable entries on the figures most vital to an understanding of the Bible and its teachings. In this valuable reference, Dr. Ronald L. Eisenberg catalogs and explains the importance of more than 250 figures who are most vital to an understanding of the Hebrew Bible and its teachings. For these figures selected from the more than 3,000 names found in the Hebrew Bible, Eisenberg provides summaries of the narratives relevant to each figure discussed along with illustrative quotations from the Bible and supplementary material from rabbinic literature when appropriate. Both religious studies and rabbinical students and casual readers of the Hebrew Bible will benefit from the comprehensive entries on the most-frequently discussed biblical figures and will gain valuable insights from this reader-friendly text. Complete in a single volume, this guide strikes a satisfying balance between the sparse, uninformative books and comprehensive but overly complex references that are currently the only places for inquisitive Bible readers to turn. For any reader who wishes to gain a better understanding of the Bible, Eisenberg's text is just as "essential" as the figures listed within.
Jason Aronson, 2013, geb, 226 pp, € 52.50, 9780765709394
Evans. Mary J.
Kennismaking met het Oude Testament
Groen, 2002, pap, 32 pp, € 6.95, 9789058294432
Exum, J.C. & H.G.M. Williamson (eds)
Reading from Right to Left. Essays on the Hebrew Bible in Honour of David J.A. Clines
from 224,- for 95,-
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series 373, Sheffield Academic Press, 2003, geb, 499 pp, € 95.00, 9780826466860
Feldt, L.
Signs of Wonder: Traces of Doubt - The Fantastic in Religious Narrative from Exodus to Elisha
The Fantastic in Religious Narrative from Exodus to Elisha argues that perspectives drawn from literary-critical theories of the fantastic and fantasy are apt to explore Hebrew Bible religious narratives.
The book focuses on the narratives' marvels, monsters, and magic, rather than whether or not the stories depict historical events. The Exodus narrative (Ex 1-18) and a selection of additional Hebrew Bible narratives (Num 11-14, Judg 6-8, 1 Kings 17-19, 2 Kings 4-7) are analysed from a fantasy-theoretical perspective. The 'fantasy perspective' helps to make sense of elements of these narratives that - although prominently featured in the stories - have previously often been explained by being explained away.
These case studies can illuminate Hebrew Bible religion and offer wider perspectives on religious narrative generally. In light of the fantasy-theoretical approach, these Hebrew Bible stories - with the Exodus narrative at the centre - read not as foundational stories, affirming triumphantly and unambiguously the bond between the deity, his people, and their territory, but rather as texts that harbour and even actively encourage ambiguity and uncertainty, not necessarily prompting belief, orientation, and a sense of meaningfulness, but also open-ended reflection and doubt.
The results of the analyses lead to a discussion of the role of ambiguity, uncertainty, and transformation in religious narrative in broader perspective, and to a questioning of the emphasis in the study of religion on the capacity of religious narrative for founding and maintaining institutions, orienting identity, and defending order over disorder.
The book suggests the wider importance of incorporating destabilisation, disorientation, and ambiguity more strongly into theories of what religious narrative is and does.
BibleWorld, Equinox, 2012, geb, 293 pp, € 81.95, 9781845539429
Finlay, Timothy D.
The Birth Report Genre in the Hebrew Bible
Forschungen zum Alten Testament 2. Reihe, Mohr Siebeck, 2005, pap, 292 pp, € 64.95, 9783161487453
Fischer, I.
Gottes Lehrerinnen. Weise Frauen und Frau Weisheit im Alten Testament
by order
Kohlhammer, 2006, pap, 221 pp, € 21.90, 3170189395 / 9783170189393
Fischer, Irmtraud
Women Who Wrestled With God: Biblical Stories of Israels Beginnings
Liturgical Press, 2005, pap, 149 pp, € 22.50, 9780814651605
Fleming, D.E.
The Legacy of Israel in Judah's Bible. History, Politics, and the Reinscribing of Tradition
The Legacy of Israel in Judah's Bible undertakes a comprehensive re-evaluation of the Bible's primary narrative in Genesis through Kings as it relates to history. It divides the core textual traditions along political lines that reveal deeply contrasting assumptions, an approach that places biblical controversies in dialogue with anthropologically informed archaeology. Starting from close study of selected biblical texts, the work moves toward historical issues that may be illuminated by both this material and a larger range of textual evidence.

The result is a synthesis that breaks away from conventional lines of debate in matters relating to ancient Israel and the Bible, setting an agenda for future engagement of these fields with wider study of antiquity.

Cambridge UP, 2012, pap, 382 pp, € 32.50, 9781107669994
Freedman, D.N.
The Unity of the Hebrew Bible
University of Michigan Press, 1994, pap, 125 pp, € 33.50, 9780472082414
Friedman, Richard Elliott
Who wrote the Bible?
Harper Collins, 1989, pap, 299 pp, € 17.95, 9780060630355
Gartner-Brereton, L.
The Ontology of Space in Biblical Hebrew Narrative. The Determinate Function of Narrative "Space" within the Biblical Hebrew Aesthetic
The central premise of this book is that biblical Hebrew narrative, in terms of its structure, tends to operate under similar mechanical constraints to those of a stage-play; wherein 'space' is central, characters are fluid, and 'objects' within the narrative tend to take on a deep internal significance. The smaller episodic narrative units within the Hebrew aesthetic tend to grant primacy to space, both ideologically and at the mechanical level of the text itself. However 'space', as a determinate structural category, has been all but overlooked in the field of biblical studies to date; reflecting perhaps our own inability, as modern readers, to see beyond the dominant 'cinematic' aesthetic of our times. The book is divided into two major sections, each beginning with a more theoretical approach to the function of narrative space, and ending with a practical application of the previous discussion; using "Genesis 28.10-22" (the Bethel narrative) and the book of "Ruth" respectively, as test cases.
Equinox Publishing, 2008, pap, 128 pp, € 31.00, 9781845533144
Gelb, N.
King of the Jews. The Origins of the Jewish Nation
JPS, 2010, pap, 246p, € 26.90, 9780827609136
Gerstenberger, Erhard S.
Theologien im Alten Testament, Pluralitat und Synketismus Alttestamentlichen Gottesglaubens
Kohlhammer, 2001, pap, 270 pp, € 26.75, 9783170159747
Gerstenberger, E. S.
Theologies in the Old Testament
by order
T&T Clark International, 2002, geb, 368 pp, € 81.00, 9780567088123
Gertz, J. C. e.a.
T&T Clark Handbook of the Old Testament
This title provides a comprehensive and profound introduction to the literature and history of the Old Testament. Beginning with methods and sources, this Handbook looks at the Biblical text, archaeology, other texts, and iconography. It explores varying exegetical methods, including historical criticism, canonical approach, feminist, social scientific and liberation theology. Methods in archaeology, Hebrew epigraphic and iconography are also covered. The second section is devoted to the history and religious history of Ancient Israel. Introductory matters, such as fundamental terminology and definitions, ethnic identity, ancestors and the dead, geography and time reckoning are explicated before the book moves on to a historical survey from the Iron Age (c. 1200 BCE) to the early Roman period (ending about 63 CE).

The heart of the book is a detailed survey of the Hebrew canonical books, section by section and book by book. The discussion for each book includes: biblical presentation and content; problems arising from the history of literary analysis and research; the origin and growth of the writing; the theology; and notes on reception history. This book will provide students with everything they need to study the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.

T&T Clark, 2012, pap, 840 pp, € 49.00, 9780567253682
Gibson, J.C.L.
Canaanite Myths and Legends
T&T Clark Academic Paperbacks, T&T Clark, 2004 (second edition), pap, 168 pp, € 33.50, 0567080897
Gilders, W.K.
Blood Ritual in the Hebrew Bible. Meaning and Power
John Hopkins, 2004, geb, 260 pp, € 61.00, 0801879930
Giles, T., W.J. Doan
Twice Used Songs
Hendrickson, 2009, pap, 179 pp, € 25.00, 9781598562729
Gnuse, R.K.
No other Gods, Emergent Monotheism in Israel
by order
JSOT Supplement Series, 241, Sheffield Academic Press, 1997, geb, 392 pp, € 113.95, 1850756570 / 9781850756576
Gordon, R. P.
Hebrew Bible and Ancient Versions. Selected Essays of Robert P. Gordon
Society for Old Testament Study, Ashgate, 2006, geb, 408 pp, € 100.00, 9780754656173
Gordon, R.P.
The God of Israel.Studies of an Inimitable Deity
Cambridge UP, 2007, geb, 328 pp, € 81.00, 9780521873659
Gordon, R.P. & J.C.de Moor (eds)
The Old Testament in Its World
by order
Oudtestamentische Studien/Old Testament Studies 52, Brill, 2005, geb, 293 pp, € 116.50, 900414322x / 9789004143227
Gottwald, N.K.
The Hebrew Bible, a brief socio-literary Introduction
Fortress, 2009, pap, 388 pp, € 56.95, 9780800663087
Gowan, D.E.
Eschatology in the Old Testament
T & T Clark, 2000, pap, 155 pp, € 23.00, 0567086550
Grabbe, L.L.
Ancient Israel: What Do We Know and How Do We Know It?
Continuum, 2008, pap, 306 pp, € 33.75, 9780567032546
Grabbe, L.L. (ed.)
Ahab Agonistes. The Rise and Fall of the Omri Dynasty
Library of Old Testament Studies, 421, T & T Clark, 2007, geb, 353 pp, € 114.00, 9780567045409
Grabbe, L.L. (ed.)
Good Kings and Bad Kings: The Kingdom of Judah in the Seventh Century BC
T&T Clark Biblical Studies, T&T Clark, 2007, pap, 369 pp, € 41.50, 9780567082725
Gravett, S.L. Bohmbach, K. Greifenhagen, F.V. and Polaski, D.C.
An Introduction to the Hebrew Bible A Thematic Approach
WJK Press, 2008, pap, 486 pp, € 43.50, 9780664230302
Guillaume, P.
Land and Calendar. The Priestly Document From Genenis 1 to Joshua 18
Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies, 391, T & T Clark, 2009, geb, 236 pp, € 76.90, 9780567322005
Gur-Klein, Thalia
Sexual Hospitality in the Hebrew Bible. Patronymic, Metronymic, Legitimate and Illegitimate Relations
A woman's life in the ancient world was constrained by her social and economic status. As a daughter she was firmly under the aegis of her father and brothers, who would later allocate the woman to another man as his wife. The power of fathers and husbands extended to using their wives and daughters as sexual gifts to gain favour. Yet, alongside this, woman had certain socio-economic rights - notably concerning inheritance and property - which they could use to protect themselves.

Sexual Hospitality in the Hebrew Bible examines sacred sexuality and ritual fecundity from patronymic marriage - where the husband claims exclusive rights over his wife's sexuality and attributes her offspring to his line and kin - to metronymic conjugal systems which allow a woman to remain in her home where the male consort joins her and her kin. Ranging across abstention, promiscuity, and holy offering, the sexual lives of women in biblical times reveal not only restriction but also female agency and resistance.

Gender, Theology and Spirituality, Equinox / Acumen, 2013, geb, 326 pp, € 78.50, 9781845531058
Habel, Norman C.
Literary Criticism of the Old Testament
This well-written introduction to the method of literary criticism gives the reader an awareness and appreciation of the rich diversity of thought found in the Old Testament. The student is shown how to identify the elements of structure, style, form, language, and composition in the books of the Old Testament. Norman Habel demonstrates how literacy criticism works with examples which are familiar and well-suited for a beginner's level of study. The literary features of Genesis 1-9 are fully explored, then the author focuses on the importance of the Yahwist and priestly sources for the whole Pentateuch. This book's explanation of techniques used in the process of literary criticism will be valuable to both student and professor.
Guides to Biblical Scholarship, Augsburg Fortress, 1971, pap, 96 pp, € 17.50, 9780800601768
Harrison, R.K.
Introduction to the Old Testament
Including a comprehensive review of Old Testament Studies and a special supplement on the Apocrypha
Hendrickson Publishers, 2004, geb, 1325 pp, € 64.50, 9781565633995
Hawkins, P. S. , L. C .Stahlberg (Eds)
From the Margins 1: Women of the Hebrew Bible and Their Afterlives
Bible in the Modern World No. 18, Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2009, geb, 220 pp, € 54.95, 9781906055493
Hayes, Christine
Introduction to the Bible
This book examines the small library of 24 separate books common to all Jewish and Christian Bibles - books that preserve the efforts of diverse individuals over the span of many centuries to make sense of their personal experiences and those of their people, the ancient Israelites. Professor Christine Hayes guides her readers through the complexities of this polyphonous literature that has served as a foundational pillar of Western Civilization, underscoring the variety and even disparities among the voices that speak in the biblical texts. Those who authored Old Testament books wrote in many contexts and responded to a sweeping range of crises and questions: political, economic, historical, cultural, philosophical, religious, and moral. In thoughtful chapters devoted to each of the 24 books, Hayes reconstructs the meanings and messages of each author and encourages a deeper appreciation of the historical and cultural settings of the Bible.
Open Yale Courses, Yale University Press, 2012, pap, 430 pp, € 18.00, 9780300181791
Hayes, Christine
The Emergence of Judaism. Classical Traditions in Contemporary Perspective
Fortress Press, 2010, pap, 181 pp, € 32.50, 9780800697495
Hayes, J.H. (ed)
Hebrew Bible: History of Interpretation
excerpted from the Dictionary of Biblical Interpretation
Abingdon, 2004, pap, 366 pp, € 41.00, 9780687036660
Hays, Richard B.
Achteruit lezen. Jezus ontdekken in het Oude Testament
Wie het getuigenis in de Evangelien van het Nieuwe Testament goed wil lezen en interpreteren, kan dat niet doen zonder het Oude Testament. Dat is de boodschap die Richard B. Hays in dit boek wil brengen en uitwerken.
Op overtuigende wijze laat Hays zien dat de evangelisten bij het beschrijven van het Jezus' leven zich lieten inspireren door het Oude Testament. Daarvoor biedt hij een overzicht van de manier waarop de canonieke Evangelien over Jezus vertellen, waarbij lijnen vanuit het Oude Testament helder maakt. Hij leest dus het Nieuwe Testament vanuit het Oude Testament, een stuk intertekstuele close reading.

Tegelijkertijd richt Hays zich op de wijze waarop het Oude Testament voorafschaduwingen geeft van de Mensenzoon. Hij wil de Schriften Christologisch interpreteren, het Oude Testament lezen vanuit het Nieuwe.
Deze benadering levert niet alleen nieuwe perspectieven op voor allerlei historische vragen over de Evangelien, maar geeft ook nieuw zicht op het gesprek tussen joden en christenen.

Richard B. Hays is Hoogleraar Nieuwe Testament aan Duke Divinity School in North Carolina. Hij verwierf internationale bekendheid met zijn boeken over de brieven van Paulus.

Boekencentrum, 2016, pap, 183 pp, € 22.50, 9789023970675
Hazony, Yoram
The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture. An Introduction
What if the Hebrew Bible wasn't meant to be read as 'revelation'?

What if it's not really about miracles or the afterlife - but about how to lead our lives in this world?

The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture proposes a new framework for reading the Bible. It shows how biblical authors used narrative and prophetic oratory to advance universal arguments about ethics, political philosophy and metaphysics. It offers bold new studies of biblical narratives and prophetic poetry, transforming forever our understanding of what the stories of Abel, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and David and the speeches of Isaiah and Jeremiah, were meant to teach. The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture assumes no belief in God or other religious commitment. It assumes no previous background in Bible. It is free of disciplinary jargon. Open the door to a book you never knew existed. You'll never read the Bible the same way again.

Cambridge UP, 2012, pap, 379 pp, € 26.00, 9780521176675
Hendel, Ronald
Remembering Abraham: Culture, Memory, and History in the Hebrew Bible
According to an old tradition preserved in the Palestinian Targums, the Hebrew Bible is 'the Book of Memories.' The sacred past recalled in the Bible serves as a model and wellspring for the present. The remembered past, says Ronald Hendel, is the material with which biblical Israel constructed its identity as a people, a religion, and a culture. In Israel's formative years, these memories circulated orally in the context of family and tribe. Over time they came to be crystallized in various written texts. The Hebrew Bible is a vast compendium of writings, spanning a thousand-year period from roughly the twelfth to the second century BCE, and representing perhaps a small slice of the writings of that period. The texts are often overwritten by later texts, creating a complex pastiche of text, reinterpretation and commentary. The religion and culture of ancient Israel are expressed by these texts, and in no small part, also created by them, as various texts formulate new or altered conceptions of the sacred past. This book explores the interplay of culture, history, and memory in the Hebrew Bible, particularly in relation to issues of the formation and transformations of religious and ethnic identity. This accessibly written book (Hendel writes a column for the popular journal Bible Review) represents the mature thought of one of our leading scholars of the Hebrew Bible. It should be required reading for everyone in the field.
Oxford UP, 2005, geb, 200 pp, € 41.00, 9780195177961
Hermisson, Hans-Jurgen
Alttestamentliche Theologie und Religionsgeschichte Israels
Evangelische Verlag Anstalt, 2000, pap, 100 pp, € 21.00, 9783374017935
Heskett, R., B. Irwin (eds)
The Bible as a Human Witness to Divine Revelation. Hearing the Word of God Through Historically Dissimilar Traditions
The Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies, 469, Continuum, 2010, geb, 304 pp, € 109.90, 9780567028518
Hiers, R.H.
Justice and Compassion in Biblical Law
T & T Clark, 2010, pap, 243pp, € 26.95, 9780567269096
Hillel, Daniel
The Natural History of the Bible. An Environmental Exploration of the Hebrew Scriptures
Columbia UP, 2007, pap, 354 pp, € 30.50, 9780231133630
Hjelm, I.
Jerusalems Rise to Sovereignty. Zion and Gerizim in Competition
by order
JSOTS 404, CIS 14, T&T Clark, 2004, geb, 372 pp, € 139.95, 0567080854 / 9780567080851
Hobson, Russell
Transforming Literature into Scripture: Texts as Cult Objects at Ninevah and Qumran
Transforming Literature into Scripture examines how the early textual traditions of ancient Israel - stories, laws, and rituals - were transformed into sacred writings. By comparing evidence from two key collections from antiquity - the royal library at Nineveh and the biblical manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls - the book traces the stabilisation of textual traditions in the ancient Near East towards fixed literary prototypes. The study presents a new methodology which enables the quantification, categorisation and statistical analysis of texts from different languages, writing systems, and media. The methodology is tested on wide range of text genres from the cuneiform and biblical traditions in order to determine which texts tend towards stabilised forms. Transforming Literature into Scripture reveals how authoritative literary collections metamorphosed into fixed ritualised texts and will be of interest to scholars across Biblical, Judaic and Literary Studies.
BibleWorld, Equinox, 2012, geb, 230 pp, € 81.00, 9781781790007
Hoffmeier, J.K.
Ancient Israel in Sinai: The Evidence for the Authenticity of the Wilderness Tradition
Oxford UP, 2005, geb, 336 pp, € 45.00, 0195155467
Houtman, C
De Schrift wordt geschreven. Op zoek naar een christelijke hermeneutiek van het Oude Testament
Meinema, 2006, pap, 597 pp, € 42.50, 9789021141305
Jackson, M.
Comedy and Feminist Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. A Subversive Collaboration
This book explores the Hebrew Bible for evidence of comedy and further asks how reading the Hebrew Bible through a comic 'lens' might possitively inform feminist interpretation. The exploration is conducted with a number of Hebrew Bible narratives, all of which prominently involve female characters.
Oxford Theological Monographs, Oxford UP, 2012, geb, 285 pp, € 95.00, 9780199656776
Jacob, Walter, Almuth Jurgensen (hg)
Die Exegese hat das erste Wort. Beitrage zu Leben und Werk Benno Jacobs
Benno Jacob (1862-1945) war einer der bedeutendsten Bibelexegeten des 20. Jahrhunderts. Seine beiden grossen Kommentaren 'Das Buch Genesis'und 'Das Buch Exodus'zahlen zu den herausragenden Leistungen juedischer Bibelauslegung. Die Beitraege in dieses Bandes haben zum Ziel, in Leben und Werk dieses grossen Gelehrten einzufueren und seine bleibende Wirkung zu dokumentieren.

Walter Jacob - The life and work of Benno Jacob
Christiane Pritzlaff - 'Nur das Persoenliche tut wohl' Familie Jacob/Loewenthal im Grindelviertel
Christian Wiese - Ein 'Schrei ins Leere'? Die Wissenschaft des Judentums und ihre Auseinandersetzung mit protestantischer Theologie und ihren Judentumsbilder als Kontext des Werken Benno Jacobs.
Almuth Jurgensen - The fascination of Benno Jacob and his critique of Christian Scolarship
Maren Ruth Niehoff - Benno Jacob's concept of a 'Wissenschaft des Judentums'
Shimon Gesundheit - Bibelkritische Elemente in der Exegese Benno Jacobs
Yaakov Elman - Benno Jacob in historical context
Almuth Jurgensen - 'Die Exegese hat das erste Wort'- Zu Benno Jacobs Bibelauslegung
W.Gunther Plaut - Benno Jacob's method, an examination of Genesis 3
Herbert Marks - 'Ich werde es sein, der ich es sein werde' Ein Kommentar zu Kommentar
Walter Jacob - Benno Jacob on Leviticus

Calwer, 2002, geb, 200 pp, € 44.00, 9783766837455
Jennings, T.W.
Jacobs Wound. Homoerotic narrative in the literature of Ancient Israel
T, 2005, pap, 304 pp, € 34.00, 0826417124
Kalmanofsky, Amy
Dangerous Sisters of the Hebrew Bible
Fathers, sons, and mothers take center stage in the Bible's grand narratives, Amy Kalmanofsky observes. Sisters and sisterhood receive less attention in scholarship but, she argues, play an important role in narratives, revealing anxieties related to desire, agency, and solidarity among women playing out (and playing against) their roles in a patrilineal society. Most often, she shows, sisters are destabilizing figures in narratives about family crisis, where property, patrimony, and the resilience of community boundaries are at risk. Kalmanofsky demonstrates that the particular role of sisters had important narrative effects, revealing previously underappreciated dynamics in Israelite society.
Augsburg Fortress Press, 2014, pap, 208 pp, € 24.95, 9781451469950
Keel, Othmar; Schroer, Silvia
Schopfung. Biblische Theologien im Kontext altorientalischer Religionen
"Verdirb sie nicht, ein Segen ist darin". Texte und Abbildungen machen mit dem Schopfungsglauben des Alten Testamentes und seiner Umwelt vertraut und konfrontieren diesen mit unserer heutigen Sicht der Schopfung und ihrer Gefahrdung.

Diese unkonventionelle Schopfungstheologie stellt die biblischen Uberlegungen konsequent in den Kontext des alten Orients und aktueller Fragen. Sie widerlegt die These, der israelitische Glaube an den einen Schopfergott habe die Schopfung "entheiligt". Das Buch untersucht vielfaltige Zeugnisse, z.B. den Bericht von der Erschaffung des Erdlings in 1. Mose 2, den Sonnenhymnus, von dem Psalm 104 abhangig ist und die Versuche Iobs, eine fragwurdig gewordene Welt als Werk Gottes zu begreifen. Besondere Aufmerksamkeit wird den nachexilischen Versuchen zuteil, in Analogie zu den Vorsokratikern, die Welt von einem einheitlichen Prinzip her zu begreifen. Das vielschichtige Bild kann auch heute angesichts unserer aktuellen Probleme Fragen provozieren und erhellen. Die Abbildungen und Texte aus anderen Religionen bilden eine Fundgrube fur die Vorbereitung von Unterricht, Predigt und Veranstaltungen.

Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Academic Press Fribourg, 2008, pap, 303 pp, € 49.95, 9783525535004
Kessler, R.
Studien zur Sozialgeschichte Israels
by order
Stuttgarter Bibilische Aufsatzbaende 46 Altes Testament, KBW, 2009, pap, 304 pp, € 49.50, 9783460064614
Kilian, R..
Studien zu alt-testamentlichen Texten und Situationen
Stuttgarter Biblische Aufsatzbande, Katholisches Bibelwerk, 1999, pap, 300 pp, € 32.50, 9783460062818
Klein, L.R.
From Deborah to Esther. Sexual Politics in the Hebrew Bible
Fortress Press, 2003, pap, 154pp, € 19.90, 9780800635923
Klitsner, J.
Subversive Sequels in the Bible. How Biblical Stories Mine and Undermine Each Other
The Jewish Publication Society, 2009, geb, 196 pp, € 38.00, 9780827608887
Koch, K.
Die Aramaische Rezeption der Hebraischen Bibel. Studien zur Targumik und Apokalyptik
Neukirchener, 2003, pap, 246 pp, € 47.75, 9783788718930
Koorevaar, Hendrik, Mart-Jan Paul
Theologie van het Oude Testament, de blijvende boodschap van de Hebreeuwse Bijbel
Wat zijn de hoofdlijnen van het Oude Testament? Dit boek biedt een overzicht van de internationale discussies en behandelt de vraag hoe je een centrale boodschap en onderlinge samenhang kunt ontdekken.

Het eerste deel geeft een overzicht van de internationale stand van zaken, deel 2 reikt een eigen methodiek aan om deze boodschap te ontwikkelen, waarbij de opbouw van de Hebreeuwse Bijbel als uitgangspunt geldt. Het vertrekpunt ligt in de thema's die in Genesis al aanwezig zijn en die in de gehele canon terugkomen. Deel 3 bevat een uitwerking van deze thema's, waaronder schepping, zonde, genade, verbond, Gods wil, eredienst en de relatie tussen Israel en de volken. Deel 4 trekt de lijnen door naar de intertestamentaire periode en het Nieuwe Testament. Zo krijgen de lezers van dit boek beter zicht op de hoofdlijnen van Gods openbaring en begrijpen zij meer van de samenhang tussen en de strekking van de bijbelboeken.

Aan dit Nederlandstalige handboek werkten negen oudtestamentici uit Nederland, Belgie, Duitsland en de Verenigde Staten mee. Naast de redacteuren Hendrik Koorevaar en Mart-Jan Paul zijn dat Walter Hilbrands, Herbert Klement, Geert Lorein, Creig Marlowe, Siegbert Riecker, Eveline van Staalduine en Julius Steinberg.

Boekencentrum, 2013, geb, 438 pp, € 39.50, 9789023926580
Kooten, G.H. van
The Revelation of the Name YHWH to Moses: Perspectives from Judaism, the Pagan Graeco-Roman World, and Early Christianity
by order
Themes in Biblical Narrative, Brill, 2006, geb, 264 pp, € 100.50, 9789004153981
Korpel, Marjo, Johannes de Moor
Adam, Eve, and the Devil. A New Beginning
In this book the authors develop an intriguing theory about the Canaanite origin of the biblical traditions concerning the origin of the cosmos and the creation of humankind. Adam, Eve, and the Devil tells a new story about human beginnings and at the same time proposes a fresh start for biblical research into primordial traditions.

A number of clay tablets from Ugarit, dating from the late thirteenth century BCE, throw new light, Korpel and de Moor argue, on the background of the first chapters of Genesis and the myth of Adam. In these tablets, El, the creator deity, and his wife Asherah lived in a vineyard or garden on the slopes of Mt Ararat, known in the Bible as the mountain where Noah's ark came to rest. The first sinner was not a human being, but an evil god called Horon who wanted to depose El. Horon was thrown down from the mountain of the gods, and in revenge he transformed the Tree of Life in the garden into a Tree of Death and enveloped the whole world in a poisonous fog. Adam was sent down to restore life on earth, but failed because Horon in the form of a huge serpent bit him. As a result Adam and his wife lost their immortality.

This myth found its way into the Bible, the Apocrypha and the Pseudepigraphical literature, though it was often transformed or treated critically. Adam, Eve, and the Devil traces the reception of the myth in its many forms, and also presents the oldest pictures of Adam and Eve ever identified (one of them on the front cover of the book).

Hebrew Bible Monographs, 65, Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2014, geb, 332 pp, € 79.50, 9781909697522
Korpel, M.C.A. , J. C. De Moor
The Silent God
The silence of God is a recurring theme in modern reflection. It is not only addressed in theology, religious studies and philosophy, but also in literary fiction, film and theatre. The authors show that the concept of a silent deity emerged in the ancient Near East (including Greece). What did the Ancients mean when they assumed that under circumstances their deities remained silent? What reasons are discernable for silence between human beings and their gods? For the first time the close interrelation between the divine and the human in the revelatory process is demonstrated here on the basis of a wealth of translated ancient texts. In an intriguing epilogue, the authors explore the theological consequences of what they have found. The adapted dutch version of this book can be found here.
Brill, 2011, geb, 378 pp, € 142.75, 9789004203907
Korpel, M.C.A. , J. C. De Moor
De zwijgende God
De moderne verheerlijking van de stilte en het zwijgen van God is nauwelijks terug te vinden in de Bijbel. De God van jodendom en christendom blijkt juist als een levende en sprekende God te worden gepresenteerd. Hij spreekt echter nooit direct tot mensen, maar altijd via (menselijke) bemiddelaars, zoals profeten, priesters of schrijvers.

In De zwijgende God laten Marjo Korpel en Johannes de Moor dit zien aan de hand van de Bijbel en talrijke oosterse bronnen die nooit eerder zo uitgebreid zijn onderzocht op het thema van het zwijgen van God. Sommige van de teksten zijn nog maar zeer recent ontdekt en gepubliceerd. De auteurs maken korte metten met de dubbelzinnige wijze waarop veel theologen en filosofen spreken over Gods zwijgen.
Het engelse origineel van dit boek vindt u hier.
Skandalon, 2011, pap, 316 pp, € 28.50, 9789490708313
Kratz, R. G.
The Composition of the Narrative Books of the Old Testament
T&T Clark, 2005, pap, 352 pp, € 54.50, 0567089215 / 9780567089212
Kugel, James L.
The Idea of Biblical Poetry, Parallelism and Its History
Johns Hopkins UP, 1998, pap, 352 pp, € 31.00, 9780801859441
Lang, B.
Hebrew Life and Literature. Selected Essays of Bernhard Lang
Bernhard Lang, known for his contributions over several decades to biblical anthropology, offers in this volume a selection of essays on the life and literature of the ancient Hebrews. The subjects range from the Hebrew God, the world-view of the Bible, and the formation of the scriptural canon, to peasant poverty, women's work, the good life, and prophetic street theatre. The stories of Joseph, Samson, and the expulsion from Paradise are told, and in a departure from the Old Testament, the priestly origins of the Eucharist are considered. Insight into the Hebrew mentality is facilitated by the arrangement of the essays, reflecting the three strata of the ancient society: the peasants, with their common concerns of fertility and happiness; warriors, their martial pursuits, and the divine Lord of War; and the wise - prophets, priests, and sages.
Ashgate, 2008, geb, € 71.50, 9780754666189
Lang, B.
The Hebrew God. Portrait of an Ancient Deity.
by order
Yale UP, 2002, geb, 246 pp, € 34.90, 9780300090253
Lemche, N.P.
The Old Testament, between Theology and History. A Critical Survey
WJK Press, 2008, pap, 476 pp, € 36.50, 9780664232450
Levenson, Jon D.
Resurrection and the Restoration of Israel: The Ultimate Victory of the God of Life
Yale UP, 2008, pap, 274 pp, € 31.95, 9780300136357
Levin, Christoph
The Old Testament. A Brief Introduction
Princeton UP, 2005, geb, 191 pp, € 32.50, 9780691113944
Levinson, B. M.
Legal Revision and Religious Renewal in Ancient Israel
Cambridge UP, 2008, geb, 206 pp, € 61.00, 9780521513449
Levinson, B. M.
Legal Revision and Religious Renewal in Ancient Israel
Cambridge UP, 2008/2010, pap, 206 pp, € 27.50, 9780521171915
Lim, Timothy H.
The Formation of the Jewish Canon
The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls provides unprecedented insight into the nature of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament before its fixation. Timothy Lim here presents a complete account of the formation of the canon in Ancient Judaism from the emergence of the Torah in the Persian period to the final acceptance of the list of twenty-two/twenty-four books in the Rabbinic period. Using the Hebrew Bible, the Scrolls, the Apocrypha, the Letter of Aristeas, the writings of Philo, Josephus, the New Testament, and Rabbinic literature as primary evidence he argues that throughout the post-exilic period up to around 100 CE there was not one official 'canon' accepted by all Jews; rather, there existed a plurality of collections of scriptures that were authoritative for different communities. Examining the literary sources and historical circumstances that led to the emergence of authoritative scriptures in ancient Judaism, Lim proposes a theory of the majority canon that posits that the Pharisaic canon became the canon of Rabbinic Judaism in the centuries after the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple.

Timothy H. Lim is Professor of Hebrew Bible & Second Temple Judaism at the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh.

Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library, Yale UP, 2013, geb, 288 pp, € 41.00, 9780300164343
Linden, Carel ter
Desgevraagd: De kracht van bijbelse beelden. 'Reacties op Wandelen over het water'
In 2004 schreef Carel ter Linden de bestseller Wandelen over het water. Bijbelse beelden en hun geheim: een boek waarin hij verschillende bijbelse wonderverhalen probeert te ontsluieren. Verhalen over een God die zijn eigen schepping vernietigt door een watervloed en daar vervolgens spijt van heeft; over een man, geboren uit een maagd, die over het water loopt en uit de dood opstaat. Verhalen die voor een hedendaagse lezer geheimtaal zijn geworden.

Door talrijke kerkelijke gemeenten en parochies werd en wordt de auteur sindsdien uitgenodigd om over dat boek te komen praten en in te gaan op vragen die het heeft opgeroepen. In dit nieuwe boek heeft hij zijn antwoorden op de voornaamste vragen nader uitgewerkt.

Meinema, 2009, pap, 127 pp, € 13.90, 9789021141558
Lipton, D.
Longing for Egypt and Other Biblical Tales
By Order
Sheffield Academic Press, 2008, geb, 285 pp, € 64.00, 9781906055141
Long, V.Ph., Baker, D.W. & Wenham, G.J. (eds)
Windows into Old Testament History. Evidence, Argument and the Crisis of `Biblical Israel`.
Eerdmans, 2002, pap, 204 pp, € 28.00
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Cantos and Strophes in Biblical Hebrew Poetry II. Psalms 42-89
OTS (Oud Testamentsche Studies/ Old Testament Studies) 57, Brill, 2011, geb, € 178.90, 9789004182004
Lugt, P. van der
Cantos and Strophes in Biblical Hebrew Poetry with Special Reference to the First Book of the Psalter
by order
OTS (Oud Testamentsche Studies/ Old Testament Studies) 53, Brill, 2005, geb, 581 pp, € 242.50, 9789004148390
MacDonald, N.
What Did the Ancient Israelites Eat?: Diet in Biblical Times
Eerdmans, 2009, pap, 156 pp, € 16.90, 9780802862983
Maier, C. M.
Daughter Zion, Mother Zion. Gender, Space and the Sacred in Ancient Israel
Fortress, 2008, pap, 285 pp, € 18.50, 9780800662417
Mark, M.
Mein Angesicht geht. Gottes Zusage personaler Fuhrung
by order
Herders Biblische Studien, Herder, 2011, geb, 672 pp, € 73.50, 9783451340529
Marsman, H.
Women in Ugarit & Israel. Their Social & Religious Position in the Context of the Ancient Near East.
Oudtestamentische Studien 49, Brill, 2003, geb, 781 pg, € 177.00, 9789004117327
Matthews, V.H.
More than Meets the Ear. Discovering the Hidden Contexts of Old Testament Conversations
By Order
Eerdmans Publishing, 2008, pap, 198 pp, € 22.95, 9780802803849
Matthews, V.H. & J.C. Moyer
The Old Testament. Text and Context
Hendrickson, 2005, geb, 357 pp, € 34.00, 156563358x / 9781565633582
Mazor, Y.
Who Wrought the Bible? Unveiling the Bibles Aesthetic Secrets
University of Wisconsin Press, 2009, pap, 182 pp, € 31.50, 9780299228446
McConville, J.G.
God and Earthly Power, An Old Testament Political Theology
T&T Clark, 2008, pap, 200 pp, € 36.00, 9780567045706
McKenzie, S.L. & J. Kaltner
The Old Testament: Its Background, Growth & Content
Abingdon, 2007, geb, 375 pp, € 28.50, 9780687039012
Meyers, Carol L.
Rediscovering Eve: Ancient Israelite Women in Context
This groundbreaking study looks beyond biblical texts, which have had a powerful influence over our views of women's roles and worth, in order to reconstruct the typical everyday lives of women in ancient Israel. Carol Meyers argues that biblical sources alone do not give a true picture of ancient Israelite women because urban elite males wrote the vast majority of the scriptural texts and the stories of women in the Bible concern exceptional individuals rather than ordinary Israelite women. Drawing on archaeological discoveries and ethnographic information as well as biblical texts, Meyers depicts Israelite women not as submissive chattel in an oppressive patriarchy, but rather as strong and significant actors within their families and society. In so doing, she challenges the very notion of patriarchy as an appropriate designation for Israelite society.
Oxford UP, 2013, pap, 295 pp, € 25.00, 9780199734627
Meynen, J.G.
Vrouwen als voorbeeld. Twaalf portretten uit het Oude Testament.
Kok, 2002, pap, 79 pp, € 9.90, 9789043505543
Middlemas, J.
The Templeless Age. An Introduction to the History, Literature and Theology of the Exile
Taking into account new archaeological evidence regarding the exile, this introductory textbook offers an up-to-date and compelling overview of the formative events of the sixth century BCE, a crucial period in the history and theological development of ancient Israel and Judah.
WJK, 2007, pap, 174 pp, € 23.75, 9780664231309
Middlemas, J.
The Troubles of Templeless Judah
by order
Oxford Theological Monographs, Oxford UP, 2005, geb, 282 pp, € 123.50, 9780199283866
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A History of Ancient Israel and Judah
SCM Press, 2006, pap, 562 pp, € 36.50, 0334041171 / 9780334041177
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Philosophy and Practice in Writing a History of Ancient Israel
Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies, 435, T & T Clark, 2006/2009, pap, 205 pp, € 33.50, 9780567109897
Mowinckel, Sigmund
He that Cometh: The Messiah Concept in the Old Testament and Later Judaism
The Biblical Resource Series, Eerdmans, 2005, pap, 528 pp, € 43.95, 9780802828507
Neusner, J. & Chilton, B. (eds)
Torah Revealed, Torah Fulfilled. Scriptural Laws in Formative Judaism and Earliest Christianity
T&T Clark, 2009, geb, 243 pp, € 82.50, 9780567027399
Niditch, S.
My Brother Esau Is a Hairy Man: Hair and Identity in Ancient Israel
Oxford UP, 2008, geb, 159 pp, € 37.50, 9780195181142
Niesiolowksi-Spano, L.
Origin Myths and Holy Places in the Old Testament. A Study of Aetiological Narratives
The book examines biblical narratives describing the origins of holy places other than Jerusalem. The accounts are examined with three main questions in mind: Are there any common features in biblical accounts about the foundations of places of worship; Are there any particular elements in the aetiological stories that can show anything about the 'real' mythology and/or rituals of the sanctuary; and What were the circumstances of the creation of such narratives? The answer for the first question is positive, ie, the stories of the origins of holy places contain the elements relevant to local cult and rituals, eg: the grave, altar, sacrifice practice, tree, etc. Answering the second question revealed possible reconstructions of a few cult practices (eg: in Beer-Sheba, Hebron and Shechem). The third question, about the possible dates of the narratives, provided some new insights. The assumption was made that the stories of the origins of holy places could have been created only when the sanctuary existed. If so, the archaeological data point to the 10th - 9th century BCE and the 3rd -2nd century BCE as possible points of origin. Such possibilities incline the author to advance the hypothesis of Hellenistic origins or redaction of most of the examined aetiological narratives.
Copenhagen International Seminar, Equinox, 2011, geb, 299 pp, € 76.50, 9781845533342
Niessiolowski-Spano,L. & J. Laskowski
The Origin Myths of Holy Places in the Old Testament: A Study of Aetiological Narratives
By order
Copenhagen International Seminar, Equinox, 2009, geb, 288 pp, € 76.90, 9781845533342
Niskanen, P.
The Human and the Divine in History. Herodotus and the Book of Daniel
by order
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series, T&T Clarke, 2004, geb, 143 pp, € 101.50, 056708213x / 9780567082138
Nohrnberg, J.
Like unto Moses: the Constituting of an Interruption
"Moses" is a creation of Israelite literary and scriptural tradition, an ideological construct, a reinvented memory, a projection of what Israel wished to see in Moses. The story of Moses and the exodus is the Bible's view of its own genesis. Nohrnberg examines that story and the texts of "Moses" for their representation of the tradition's own imperilment and self-doubt, and its regularly revisionary, "deuteronomic", content. He remakes the literary case for reading biblical textuality for its plot, the most singular biblical figures for their doubleness, the deep history of the aboriginal past for a more contemporaneous historical allegory. He shows that any comprehensive poetics of the Bible must give a positive account of such stereoscopic and anachronic structures within these texts.
Indiana Studies in Biblical Literature, Indiana UP, 1995, geb, 396 pp, € 42.50, 9780253340900
Notebaart, C.W.
Metallurgical metaphors in the Hebrew bible
Amsterdamse Cahiers voor Exegese van de Bijbel en zijn Tradities Supplement Series/ ACEBTSS 9, 2VM Uitgeverij, 2011, geb, 369 pp, € 26.50, 9789490393069
Olyan, Saul M.
Biblical Mourning. Ritual and Social Dimensions
A comprehensive analysis of the ritual dimensions of biblical mourning rites, this book also seeks to illuminate mourning's social dimensions through engagement with anthropological discussion of mourning, from Hertz and van Gennep to contemporaries such as Metcalf and Huntington and Bloch and Parry. The author identifies four types of biblical mourning, and argues that mourning the dead is paradigmatic. He investigates why mourning can occur among petitioners in a sanctuary setting even given mourning's death associations; why certain texts proscribe some mourning rites (laceration and shaving) but not others; and why the mixing of the rites of mourning and rejoicing, normally incompatible, occurs in the same ritual in several biblical texts.
Oxford UP, 2004, geb, 174 pp, € 140.00, 9780199264865
Olyan, Saul M.
Rites and Rank: Hierarchy in Biblical Representations of Cult
Princeton UP, 2000, geb, 190 pp, € 42.00, 9780691029481
Olyan, S M
Disability in the Hebrew Bible. Interpreting Mental and Physical Differences
By order.
Cambridge UP, 2008, geb, 188 pp, € 61.00, 9780521888073
Oosterhuis, M.H.
Een rein hart. Rituele reinheidsterminologie in spirituele contexten van het Oude Testament
De auteur wil met dit proefschrift een bijdrage leveren aan de discussie over de betekenis van de reinheidsbepalingen in het Oude Testament en de relevantie hiervan voor de christelijke theologie. Als invalshoek is gekozen voor de bestudering van het gebruik van het idioom voor 'rein' en 'onrein' in andere dan de rituele contexten waartoe de meeste mozaische reinheidsbepalingen behoren, met name in spirituele contexten. Het valt namelijk op dat op verschillende plaatsen waar sprake is van uitgesproken spirituele waarden, het idioom wordt gebruikt dat kenmerkend is voor de rituele context.

Het exegetisch onderzoek van de betreffende teksten leidt tot de conclusie, dat de tegenstelling 'rein' en 'onrein' in de spirituele context terug gaat op de tegenstelling scheppingsheerlijkheid contra zondevloek. Ook in de rituele context zou die tegenstelling bij de onderscheiding tussen 'rein' en 'onrein' een rol kunnen spelen. De auteur confronteert zich ondermeer met de spiritualiseringstheorie van H.J. Hermisson, de antropologische benadering van M. Douglas en het gedachtegoed van Jonathan Klawans en andere hedendaagse Joodse oudtestamentici met betrekking tot de relatie tussen onreinheid en zonde.

Groen, 2006, geb, 298 pp, € 29.95, 9789058296252
Orlov, A., M. Petit
L eglise des deux Alliances. Memorial Annie Jaubert, 1912-1980
BY ORDER. The book represents a collection of articles devoted to the memory of Annie Jaubert (1912-1980), a French scholar known for her research on the calendrical teachings of the Hebrew Bible, the Second Temple pseudepigrapha, and Qumran literature
Gorgias Press, 2009, geb, € 118.50, 9781593330835
Ostriker, A.S.
For the Love of God. The Bibel as an Open Book
Rutgers UP, 2009, pap, 164pp, € 24.95, 9780813545035
Page, H.R.
The Africana Bible: Reading Israel's Scriptures from Africa and the African Diaspora
Augsburg Fortress, 2009, geb, 512 pp, € 34.90, 9780800621254
Peels, H.G.L.
Wie is als Gij? Schaduwkanten van het oudtestamentische Godsbeeld
Boekencentrum, 2007, pap, 148 pp, € 13.50, 9789023918813
Penchansky, D.
What rough beast? Images of God in the Hebrew Bible
David Penchansky's What Rough Beast? is a study of six Old Testament stories. While many biblical theologies empasize reassuring images of God, Penchansky confronts those biblical passages where God is portrayed as irrational, malevolent, and even abusive, wrestling with the impact of these images on Christian faith. In dealing with these difficult passages, Penchansky contributes to a more authentic understanding of God.
John Knox Press, 1999, pap, 123 pp, € 19.50, 9780664256456
Perdue, L.G.
Reconstructing Old Testament Theology: After the Collapse of History
Overtures to Biblical Theology, Fortress Press, 2005, pap, 399 pp, € 21.50, 080063716x
Perdue, L.G. (ed)
The Blackwell Companion to the Hebrew Bible
Blackwell Companions to Religion, Blackwell, 2005, pap, 471 pp, € 46.50, 9781405127202
Postma, F., Klaas Spronk & Eep Talstra
The new things. Eschatology in Old Testament Prophecy. Festschrift for Henk Leene
te bestellen - beschikbaatheid en prijs onder voorbehoud
Amsterdamse Cahiers voor Exegese van de Bijbel en zijn Tradities Supplement Series / ACEBTSS 3, Shaker Publishing, 2002, pap., 296 pp, € 15.70, 9789042301900
Pritchard, J.B. (ed.)
Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament with Supplement
by order
Princeton Studies on the Near East, Princeton UP, 1992, geb, 711pp, € 119.50, 0691035032 / 9780691035031
Reinert, A.
Die Salomofiktion. Studien zu Struktur und Komposition des Koheletbuches
Mit beitragen von Carola Krieg, Matthias Millard, Georg Steins und Johannes Taschner
Neukirchener, 2010, geb, 256 pp, € 46.50, 9783788723804
Rendtorff, R.
Das Alte Testament: Eine Einfuehrung
Neukirchener, 2007, pap, 326 pp, € 29.90, 9783788706869
Rogerson, J.
The Old Testament World
by order
T, 2005, revised and expanded ed., pap, 250 pp, € 35.00, 0567084884 / 9780567084880
Rooke, D.W.
Zadok's Heirs. The Role and Development of the High Priesthood in Ancient Israel
This unique study is the first systematic examination to be undertaken of the high priesthood in ancient Israel, from the earliest local chief priests in the pre-monarchic period down to the Hasmonaean priest-kings in the first century BCE. Deborah Rooke argues that, contrary to received scholarly opinion, the high priesthood was fundamentally a religious office which in and of itself bestowed no civil responsibilities upon its holders, and that not until the time of the Maccabean revolt does the high priest appear as the sole figure of leadership for the nation. However, even the Maccabean / Hasmonaean high priesthood was effectively a reversion to the monarchic model of sacral kingship which had existed several centuries earlier in the pre-exilic period, rather than being an extension of the powers of the high priesthood itself. The idea that high priesthood per se bestowed the power to rule should therefore be reconsidered.
Oxford Theological Monographs, Oxford UP, 2012, pap, 386 pp, € 44.00, 9780199661114
Sadler, Jr., R. S.
Can a Cushite Change His Skin? An Examination of Race, Ethnicity, and Othering in the Hebrew Bible
Continuum, 2009, pap, 175 pp, € 32.90, 9780567027658
Sarna, Nahum
Studies in Biblical Interpretation
JPS Scholar of Distinction Series, JPS, 2000, geb, 452 pp, € 47.50, 9780827606890
Satlow, Michael L.
How the Bible Became Holy
In this sweeping narrative, Michael Satlow tells the fascinating story of how an ancient collection of obscure Israelite writings became the founding texts of both Judaism and Christianity, considered holy by followers of each faith. Drawing on cutting-edge historical and archeological research, he traces the story of how, when, and why Jews and Christians gradually granted authority to texts that had long lay dormant in a dusty temple archive. The Bible, Satlow maintains, was not the consecrated book it is now until quite late in its history.

He describes how elite scribes in the eighth and seventh centuries B.C.E. began the process that led to the creation of several of our biblical texts. It was not until these were translated into Greek in Egypt in the second century B.C.E., however, that some Jews began to see them as culturally authoritative, comparable to Homer's works in contemporary Greek society. Then, in the first century B.C.E. in Israel, political machinations resulted in the Sadducees assigning legal power to the writings. We see how the world Jesus was born into was largely biblically illiterate and how he knew very little about the texts upon which his apostles would base his spiritual leadership.

Synthesizing an enormous body of scholarly work, Satlow's groundbreaking study offers provocative new assertions about commonly accepted interpretations of biblical history as well as a unique window into how two of the world's great faiths came into being.

Michael L. Satlow is professor of religious studies and Judaic studies at Brown University. He lives in Providence, RI.

Yale UP, 2014, geb, 368 pp, € 35.50, 9780300171914
Schipper, J.
Parables and Conflict in the Hebrew Bible
Cambridge, 2009, geb, 168pp, € 66.95, 9780521764629
Schmitt, R.
Magie im Alten Testament
by order
Alter Orient und Altes Testament. Veroeffentlichungen zur Kultur und Geschichte des Alten Orients und des Alten Testaments, Band 313, Ugarit-Verlag, 2004, geb, 470 pp, € 98.50, 3934628524
Scholz, S.
Introducing the Womens Hebrew Bible
Introductions in Feminist Theology, T&T Clark, 2007, pap, 142 pp, € 27.50, 9780567082572
Scholz, Suzanne
Sacred Witness. Rape in the Hebrew Bible
In Sacred Witness, Susanne Scholz discusses the wide range of rape texts in biblical literature - some that long have troubled readers, others that should have but didn't, such as texts of marital rape, for example, or metaphorical speech about God as rapist. Assuming the androcentric nature of these writings, Scholz asks how we may read these texts in order to find some redemptive meaning for women, children, and men who have been injured by sexual violence and by "cultures of rape." Sacred Witness provides illuminating reflection on some of the most troubling texts in the Hebrew Bible.
Fortress Press, 2010, geb, 279 pp, € 35.50, 9780800638610
Schwartz, Matthew B., Kalman J. Kaplan
Politics in the Hebrew Bible. God, Man, and Government
We live in an age when it is not uncommon for politicians to invoke religious doctrine to explain their beliefs and positions on everything from domestic to foreign policy. And yet, many of us would be hard pressed to pinpoint the exact source of these political beliefs in the religious texts that are said to have spawned them. In Politics in the Hebrew Bible: God, Man, and Government, Kalman J. Kaplan and Matthew B. Schwartz offer a genre-straddling examination of the political themes in the Jewish Bible. By studying the political implications of 42 biblical stories (organized into the categories Social Order, Government and Leadership, Domestic Relations, Societal Relations, Morale and Mission, and Foreign Policy), the authors seek to discern a cohesive political viewpoint embodied by the Jewish Bible. Throughout the text, the views put forth in the Jewish Bible are compared to those put forth by Greco-Roman philosophers in order to argue that the Bible offers a worldview that fosters a 'high degree of creative individualism within a supportive non-chaotic and well-functioning society'. Kaplan and Schwartz are generous with their explanations of Greco-Roman philosophical concepts in the introductory chapters and with giving background information about the biblical stories engaged in the text.
Jason Aronson, 2013, geb, 204 pp, € 42.00, 9780765709851
Schwartz, Regina M.
The Curse of Cain: The Violent Legacy of Monotheism
Regina Schwartz examines the story of Cain and Abel, as she sees it - emblematic of a tenacious, tragic biblical influence over Western secular notions of identity - notions that are often violently exclusionary, negatively defining "us" against "them" in ethnic, religious, racial, gender and nationalistic terms. Shwartz contends that the very concept of monotheism and its paradigms of One-ness - the demand for exclusive allegiance to one God, one People, one Land or one Nation - infuse the model of collective identity founded in violence, against the other or outsider. Aiming to recover the Bible's role as a handbook for politics and social thought, this text seeks to demonstrate how dangerous this can be.
Chicago UP, 1997, pap, 228 pp, € 24.50, 9780226742007
Schwienhorst-Schoenberger, L.
Studien zum alten Testament und seiner Hermeneutik
Stuttgarter biblische Aufsatzbaende, Altes Testament, KBW, 2005, pap, 312 pp, € 54.00, 3460064013
Segal, A. F.
Sinning in the Hebrew Bible: How the Worst Stories Speak for Its Truth
Stories of rape, murder, adultery, and conquest raise crucial issues in the Hebrew Bible, and their interpretation helps societies form their religious and moral beliefs. From the sacrifice of Isaac to the adultery of David, narratives of sin engender vivid analysis and debate, powering the myths that form the basis of the religious covenant, or the relationship between a people and their God. Rereading these stories in their different forms and varying contexts, Alan F. Segal demonstrates the significance of sinning throughout history and today. Drawing on literary and historical theory, as well as research in the social sciences, he explores the motivation for creating sin stories, their prevalence in the Hebrew Bible, and their possible meaning to Israelite readers and listeners. After introducing the basics of his approach and outlining several hermeneutical concepts, Segal conducts seven linked studies of specific narratives, using character and text to clarify problematic terms such as "myth," "typology," and "orality." Following the reappearance and reinterpretation of these narratives in later compositions, he proves their lasting power in the mythology of Israel and the encapsulation of universal, perennially relevant themes. Segal ultimately positions the Hebrew Bible as a foundational moral text and a history book, offering uncommon insights into the dating of biblical events and the intentions of biblical authors.
Columbia UP, 2012, pap, 286 pp, € 30.00, 9780231159272
Seibert, E.
Disturbing Divine Behaviour: Troubling Old Testament Images of God
Augsburg Fortress, 2009, pap, 260 pp, € 21.50, 9780800663445
Seibert, E.A.
The Violence of Scripture. Overcoming the Old Testament's Troubling Legacy
No one can read far in the Old Testament without encountering numerous acts of violence that are sanctioned in the text and attributed to both God and humans. Over the years, these texts have been used to justify all sorts of violence: from colonizing people and justifying warfare, to sanctioning violence against women and children. For those who read the Bible as Scripture, these depictions of "virtuous" violence pose tremendous moral and theological challenges. What can be done to stop people from using the Old Testament in such destructive ways, and how might these violent texts be read more faithfully?

Eric Seibert faces these challenges head-on by confronting the problem of "virtuous" violence and urging people to engage in an ethically responsible reading of these troublesome texts. He offers a variety of reading strategies designed to critique textually sanctioned violence, while still finding ways to use even the most difficult texts constructively, thus providing a desperately needed approach to the violence of Scripture that can help us live more peaceably in a world plagued by religious violence.

Fortress Press, 2012, pap, 220 pp, € 24.50, 9780800698256
Ska, J.L. sj
Our Fathers Have Told Us ...Introduction to the Analysis of Hebrew Narratives
By Order
Subsidia Biblica 13, Editrice Pontifico Istituto Biblico, 1990, 2000, pap, 129 pp, € 13.50, 8876535934
Smith, M.S.
The Early History of God. Yahweh and the Other Deities in Ancient Israel.
Eerdmans, 2002, pap, 243 pp, € 26.50, 9780802839725
Smith, M.S.
The Origins of Biblical Monotheism. Israels Polytheistic Background and the Ugaritic Texts
Oxford UP, 2001, pap, 325 pp, € 29.25, 9780195167689
Sommer, Benjamin D.
The Bodies of God and the World of Ancient Israel
Sommer utilizes a lost ancient Near Eastern perception of divinity according to which a god has more than one body and fluid, unbounded selves. Though the dominant strains of biblical religion rejected it, a monotheistic version of this theological intuition is found in some biblical texts. Later Jewish and Christian thinkers inherited this ancient way of thinking; ideas such as the sefirot in Kabbalah and the trinity in Christianity represent a late version of this theology. This book forces us to rethink the distinction between monotheism and polytheism, as this notion of divine fluidity is found in both polytheistic cultures (Babylonia, Assyria, Canaan) and monotheistic ones (biblical religion, Jewish mysticism, Christianity), whereas it is absent in some polytheistic cultures (classical Greece). The Bodies of God and the World of Ancient Israel has important repercussions not only for biblical scholarship and comparative religion but for Jewish-Christian dialogue.
Cambridge UP, 2009/2011, pap, 350 pp, € 41.00, 9781107422261
Stahlberg, L. C.
Sustaining Fictions, Intertextuality, Midrash, Translation and the Literary Afterlife of the Bible
Even before the biblical canon became fixed, writers have revisited and reworked its stories. The author of Joshua takes the haphazard settlement of Israel recorded in the Book of Judges and retells it as an orderly military conquest. The writer of Chronicles expurgates the David cycle in Samuel I and II, offering an upright and virtuous king devoid of baser instincts. This literary phenomenon is not contained to inner-biblical exegesis. Once the telling becomes known, the retellings begin: through the New Testament, rabbinic midrash, medieval mystery plays, medieval and Renaissance poetry, nineteenth century novels, and contemporary literature, writers of the Western world have continued to occupy themselves with the biblical canon. However, there exists no adequate vocabulary academic or popular, religious or secular, literary or theological to describe the recurring appearances of canonical figures and motifs in later literature. Literary critics, bible scholars and book reviewers alike seek recourse in words like adaptation, allusion, echo, imitation and influence to describe what the author, for lack of better terms, has come to call retellings or recastings. Although none of these designations rings false, none approaches precision. They do not tell us what the author of a novel or poem has done with a biblical figure, do not signal how this newly recast figure is different from other recastings of it, and do not offer any indication of why these transformations have occurred. Sustaining Fictions sets out to redress this problem, considering the viability of the vocabularies of literary, midrashic, and translation theory for speaking about retelling.
Library of Biblical Studies, T&T Clark, 2009, geb, 240 pp, € 94.00, 9780567027092
Stanley, C. D.
The Hebrew Bible. A Comparative Approach
Augsburg Fortress, 2009, pap, 544 pp, € 36.90, 9780800663476
Steins, G.
Kanonisch-intertextuelle Studien zum Alten Testament
Stuttgarter Bibilische Aufsatzbaende 48 Altes Testament, Katholisches Bibelwerk GmbH, 2009, pap, 304 pp, € 52.50, 9783460064812
Steins, G. und Johannes Taschner (Hg.)
Kanonisierung - die Hebraische Bibel im Werden
Mit beitragen von Carola Krieg, Matthias Millard, Georg Steins und Johannes Taschner
Neukirchener, 2010, pap, 160 pp, € 22.95, 9783788723637
Sternberg, Meir
Hebrews Between Cultures: Group Portraits
The Poetics of Biblical Narrative, Sternberg's last book, established a new level of sophistication for biblical analysis. In Hebrews between Cultures, he shifts his focus from individual identity to the group, in this case the Hebrews. Sternberg's analysis of the development in the Bible of the Hebrew identity (and alternate identities) is brilliant, challenging, intellectually rigorous and unusual, and almost always unexpected and dramatic.
Indiana Studies in Biblical Literature, Indiana UP, 1998, geb, 730 pp, € 69.50, 9780253334596
Sternberg, Meir
The Poetics of Biblical Narrative. Ideological Literature and the Drama of Reading
Indiana Studies in Biblical Literature, Indiana UP, 1987, pap, 580 pp, € 42.50, 9780253204530
Stevens, M.E.
Temples, Tithes and Taxes: The Temple and the Economic Life of Ancient Israel
Hendrickson, 2006, pap, 224 pp, € 24.75, 9781565639348
Stiebert, Johanna
Fathers and Daughters in the Hebrew Bible
The father-daughter dyad features in the Hebrew Bible in all of narratives, laws, myths and metaphors. In previous explorations of this relationship, the tendency has been to focus on discrete stories - notable among them, Judges 11 (the story of Jephthah's human sacrifice of his daughter) and Genesis 19 (the dark tale of Lot's daughters' seduction of their father). By taking the full spectrum into account, however, the daughter emerges prominently as (not only) expendable and exploitable (as an emphasis on daughter sacrifice or incest has suggested) but as cherished and protected by her father. Depictions of daughters are multifarious and there is a balance of very positive and very negative images. While not uncritical of earlier feminist investigations, this book makes a contribution to feminist biblical criticism and utilizes methods drawn from the social sciences and psychoanalysis. Alongside careful textual analysis, Johanna Stiebert offers a critical evaluation of the heuristic usefulness of the ethnographic honour-shame model, of parallels with Roman family studies, and of the application and meaning of 'patriarchy'. Following semantic analysis of the primary Hebrew terms for 'father' ( ) and 'daughter' ( ), as well as careful examination of inter-family dynamics and the daughter's role vis-a-vis the son's, alongside thorough investigation of both Judges 11 and Genesis 19, and also of the metaphor of God-the-father of daughters Eve, Wisdom and Zion, Stiebert provides the fullest exploration of daughters in the Hebrew Bible to date.
Oxford UP, 2013, geb, 265 pp, € 84.00, 9780199673827
Stott, K.M.
Why Did They Write This Way?: Reflections on References to Written Documents in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Literature
Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies, 492, Continuum, 2008, geb, 176 pp, € 84.95, 9780567027368
Strickert, F.
Rachel Weeping. Jews, Christians, and Muslims at the Fortress Tomb
Michael Glazier, 2007, pap, 174 pp, € 21.00, 9780814659878
Sweeney, M.A.
Prophetic Literature
Interpreting Biblical Texts Series, Abingdon Press, 2005, pap, 240 pp, € 21.25, 9780687008445
Sweeney, M.A.
Reading the Hebrew Bible After the Shoah
Engaging Holocaust Theology, Fortress, 2008, pap, 287 pp, € 27.50, 9780800638498
Sweeney, Marvin A.
Tanak. A Theological and Critical Introduction to the Jewish Bible
Van 60.95 voor 44.50

Though "biblical theology" has long been considered a strictly Christian enterprise, Marvin A. Sweeney here proposes a Jewish theology of the Hebrew Bible, based on the importance of Tanak as the foundation of Judaism and organized around the major components: Torah, Nevi'im (Prophets), and Kethuvim (Writings). Sweeney finds the structuring themes of Jewish life: the constitution of the nation Israel in relation to God; the disruption of that ideal, documented by the Prophets; and the reconstitution of the nation around the Second Temple in the Writings. Throughout he is attentive to tensions within and among the texts and the dialogical character of Israel's sacred heritage.

Fortress Press, 2012, geb, 544 pp, € 44.50, 9780800637439
Thompson, T.L.
Jerusalem in Ancient History and Tradition
JSOTS 381, T&T Clark International, 2004, pap, 301 pp, € 60.00, 9780567083609
Thompson, T.L. (ed)
Jerusalem in Ancient History and Tradition
van 120,- voor 45,-
JSOTS 381, T&T Clark International, 2003, geb, 301 pp, € 45.00, 9780826466648
Toorn, Karel van der
Scribal Culture and the Making of the Hebrew Bible
We think of the "Hebrew Bible" as the Book - and yet it was produced by a largely nonliterate culture in which writing, editing, copying, interpretation, and public reading were the work of a professional elite. The scribes of ancient Israel are indeed the main figures behind the "Hebrew Bible", and in this book Karel van der Toorn tells their story for the first time.
Harvard UP, 2009, pap, 401 pp, € 24.95, 9780674032545
Toorn, Karel van der
Wie schreef de Bijbel? De ontstaansgeschiedenis van het Oude Testament
Wie aan de Bijbel denkt, denkt meestal aan een enkel boek. Maar de Bijbel is geen boek in de gewone zin van het woord. Het is een bundel teksten van uiteenlopende ouderdom en origine die pas in de late Oudheid in een boek zijn bijeengebracht.

De Bijbel heeft ook geen individuele auteur. De afzonderlijke delen, de boeken, dragen de namen van profeten en koningen, maar die waren niet de schrijvers. De teksten zijn niet het werk van bevlogen zieners, maar van ambachtslieden, beroepsschrijvers. Karel van der Toorn vertelt hun verhaal, voor het eerst. Dankzij kennis van het spijkerschrift kan Van der Toorn het werk van de joodse professionele schrijvers vergelijken met de schrijfgewoonten in het oude Egypte en Mesopotamie. Zo komt hij tot een duidelijk beeld van de methodes, uitgangspunten en materialen die de bijbelschrijvers hanteerden.

Met illustraties, kaarten en tijdsschemas.

Ten Have, 2007/2011, pap, 334 pp, € 15.00, 9789025961442
Tov, Emanuel
Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible. Third Edition
Since its initial publication, Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible has established itself as the indispensable authoritative textbook and reference on the subject. In this thoroughly revised third edition, Emanuel Tov has incorporated the insights of the last ten years of scholarship, including new perspectives on the biblical texts among the Dead Sea Scrolls, all of which have now been published. Here are expanded discussions of the contribution of textual criticism to biblical exegesis and of the role of scribes in the transmission of the text. The introduction and references throughout the book have been thoroughly revised with the beginning student of textual criticism in mind.
Fortress Press, 2011, geb, 481 pp, € 84.00, 9780800696641
Uden, D.J. van & N. de Wilde
LeV- cahier 3: Het Achttiengebed
LeV cahiers, studiemateriaal voor leerhuizen, Stichting Leren en Vieren, 1991, pap, 20 pp, € 4.50
Uden, D. van, N. de Wilde & H. Scholder
Gebeitelde woorden, Sprekende taal
Dit boek bespreekt eerst de samenhang en structuur van de Tien Woorden als geheel. Daarna komen vier van de Tien Woorden afzonderlijk aan de orde: Ik ben de Eeuwige, Afgoderij, Ontheiliging van de Naam en Echtbreuk. Aan de hand van klassieke joodse teksten worden deze Woorden diepgaand verkend. Gebeitelde woorden - sprekende taal is in de eerste plaats bedoeld voor hen die geinteresseerd zijn in de bijbelse en rabbijnse gedachtewereld, en de daarin te vinden criteria voor menselijk gedrag en menselijke relaties. Door de uitgebreide verklaringen bij de rabbijnse teksten zal het ook diegene aanspreken die wel geinteresseerd is in de Bijbel, maar nog geen kennis heeft gemaakt met de veelkleurige wereld van de joodse traditie.
Ga en leer. Verkenningen van de Rabijnse leer, Folkertsma Stichting, 1995, pap, 207 pp, € 15.75, 9789023916086
Uden, D. van, Scholder, H., Wilde, N. de
Sjabbat, een dag apart.
Uitgaande van de Stichting Leren en Vieren. Met werkvragen: zeer geschikt vooor groepen
Verkenningen van de Tien Woorden in de joodse traditie, 2, Eburon, 2002, geb, 360 pg, € 22.50, 9789051668940
Unen, van Chaim
Hoe God zichzelf overtrof. Een seculiere zoektocht
Zegt de Bijbel wel echt dat God almachtig is? Wat zou er eigenlijk bedoeld kunnen zijn met de uitverkiezing van het Joodse volk? En wat voor betekenis had het verbond tussen God en Israel als je dit vergelijkt met de andere godsdiensten in het Midden-Oosten in het eerste millennium voor onze jaartelling? In heldere en eenvoudige bewoordingen voert auteur Chaim van Unen de lezer langs verschillende welbekende verhalen uit de Tora, en onthult op zijn tocht verrassende gezichtspunten op Eva en de slang, Noach en de Zondvloed, de uitverkiezing van Abraham, en de uittocht uit Egypte. Met deze frisse gezichtspunten houdt Van Unen een pleidooi voor de blijvende ethische waarde van de Bijbel voor de moderne seculiere mens.

Chaim van Unen is andragoog, trainer en adviseur met jarenlange ervaring in de professionele hulpverlening. Hij schreef onder andere De Professionals. Hulpverleners tussen kwetsbaarheid en beheersing (2002), Op ooghoogte: Job en het establishment (2003), en Bij de gratie van de relatie: Hulpverleners op de werkvloer van de hulpverlening (2009).

Eburon, 2016, pap, 160 pp, € 19.90, 9789463010504
Utzschneider, H. en S. Ark Nitsche
Arbeitsbuch literaturwissenschaftliche Bibelauslegung: Eine Methodenlehre zur Exegese des Alten Testaments
Gutersloher, 2001, pap, 368 pp, € 33.50, 9783579004099
Vander Stichele, C. and T. Penner (eds.)
Her Master's Tools? Feminist and Postcolonial Engagements of Historical-Critical Discourse
Global Perspectives on Biblical Scholarship, SBL, 2005, pap, 390 pp, € 56.50, 9781589831193
Venema, G.J.
Reading Scripture in the Old Testament
Oudtestamentische Studien 48, Brill, 2003, geb, 272, € 114.00, 9004137513 / 9789004137516
Venema, G.J.
Schriftuurlijke verhalen in het Oude Testament: Deuteronomium 9-10; 31; II Koningen 22-23; Jeremia 35; Nehemia 8
Eburon, 2000, pap, 269 pp, € 27.00, 905166804x
Vreugdenhil, Gerrit C.
Onheil dat voorbijgaat. Psalm 91 en de (oudoosterse) bedreiging door demonen

Geesten en demonen zijn geen verleden tijd. In deze studie wordt aan de hand van Psalm 91 onderzocht hoe men ten tijde van het Oude Testament omging met geesten en demonen en wat daarvan de relevantie is voor de gelovige vandaag.

In de Westerse cultuur staan mensen steeds meer open voor bovennatuurlijke en paranormale zaken. In boeken, films en op internet uiten mensen hun belangstellingvoor de onzichtbare wereld van geesten en demonen. Uit het Nieuwe Testament blijkt dat dit ernstig negatieve gevolgen kan hebben. Aan de hand van Psalm 91 wordt in deze studie onderzocht hoe men ten tijde van het Oude Testament omging met de realiteit van demonen. De beelden van bedreiging uit de psalm worden grondig geanalyseerd op hun demonische betekenis. Vanuit de psalm wordt voor de hedendaagse gelovige in dit boek een antwoord gezocht op de bedreiging door demonen.

Boekencentrum Academic, 2013, geb, 570 pp, € 29.90, 9789023927464
Vriezen, Th. C., A.S. van der Woude
Oud-Israelitische & vroeg-joodse literatuur
12-e geheel herziene druk van 'De Literatuur van Oud-Israel'
Serie Ontwerpen, deel 1, Kok, 2000 / 2012, geb, 579 pp, € 52.50, 9789043502313
Wajdenbaum, Philippe
Argonauts of the Desert. Structural Analysis of the Hebrew Bible
Argonauts of the Desert explains through a comparative analysis based on the structural method of anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss, how most of the stories and many laws of the Bible were inspired by Greek literature. The books from Genesis to Kings may have been written by a single author, a Hellenized Judean scholar, who used Plato's ideal State in the Laws as a primary source of inspiration. As such, biblical Israel is a recreation of that twelve tribes State, governed solely by divine law. Most stories surrounding the birth, life and death of that State were inspired by Greek epics, such as the Argonauts, Thebes, Heracles and Troy, as well as by Herodotus' Histories. Previous paradigms dealing with the origins of the Old Testament, such as the documentary hypothesis, are rejected in this demonstration. The main chapters are set in the order of the books from Genesis to Kings, each of which presents biblical stories or laws and compares them with their Greek or Roman equivalents. For each story, there is a discussion of similarities and differences. Through this demonstration, the reader comes to understand how the Bible was written and influenced by Greek literature. The book can be read as a commentary on the Bible in light of its Greek sources, to an extent that has not been attempted before.
Copenhagen International Seminar, Acumen, 2011, geb, 224 pp, € 125.00, 9781845539245
Walzer, Michael
In God's Shadow. A Political Theorist Reads the Hebrew Bible
In this eagerly awaited book, political theorist Michael Walzer reports his findings after decades of thinking about the politics of the Hebrew Bible.

Attentive to nuance while engagingly straightforward, Walzer examines the laws, the histories, the prophecies, and the wisdom of the ancient biblical writers and discusses their views on such central political questions as justice, hierarchy, war, the authority of kings and priests, and the experience of exile. Because there are many biblical writers with differing views, pluralism is a central feature of biblical politics. Yet pluralism, Walzer observes, is never explicitly defended in the Bible; indeed, it couldn't be defended since God's word had to be as singular as God himself. Yet different political regimes are described in the biblical texts, and there are conflicting political arguments - and also a recurrent anti-political argument: if you have faith in God, you have no need for strong institutions, prudent leaders, or reformist policies.

At the same time, however, in the books of law and prophecy, the people of Israel are called upon to overcome oppression and "let justice well up like water, righteousness like an unfailing stream".

Yale UP, 2012, geb, 232 pp, € 29.50, 9780300180442
Watkins, Mary
Classical Hebrew Poetry. A Guide to its Techniques
Biblical Languages Series, T&T Clark, 1984/2005, pap, 476 pp, € 54.95, 9780567540898
Weippert, M.
Historisches Textbuch zum Alten Testament
Grundrisse zum Alten Testament, Das Alte Testament Deutsch, Erganzungsreihe, Bnd. 10, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2010, geb, 654 pp, € 86.50, 9783525516935
Wenham, Gordon J.
Story as Torah: Reading the Old Testament Ethically
It can sometimes be difficult for the modern reader to know whether the author of an Old Testament book is commending or condemning certain acts. Professor Wenham turns to modern literary theory and ethical analysis to show how two quite different books of the Old Testament, Genesis and Judges, offer ethical models of behaviour. He focuses on the attitudes of the authors rather than the morals of the characters in the stories, and argues that these models are actually closer to New Testament ideals than has previously been recogised.
T&T Clark, 2003, pap, 192pp, € 48.00, 9780567084910
Westbrook, R. & B. Wells
Everyday Law in Biblical Israel. An Introduction
Westminster John Knox Press, 2009, pap, 156 pp, € 22.90, 9780664234973
Westermann, Claus
Die Geschichtsbucher des Alten Testaments. Gab es ein deuteronomistisches Geschichtswerk?
Theologische Bucherei, Band 87, Altes Testament, Chr. Kaiser / Guterloher, 1994, pap, 150 pp, € 27.50, 9783579018102
Whybray, R. Norman
The Good Life in the Old Testament
Norman Whybray (1923-1998) was Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Studies, University of Hull.
T&T Clark, 2002, pap, 320pp, € 28.50, 9780567087218
Wieringen, Archibald L.H.M. van (red)
Verborgen lezers. Over tekst en communicatie in het Oude Testament
Deze bundel bevat als wetenschappelijke essays de voordrachten van het symposium Verborgen Lezers, over tekst en communicatie in het Oude Testament, dat bij gelegenheid van de 65e verjaardag van Panc Beentjes op 15 juni 2011 aan de Tilburg School of Catholic Theology is gehouden.
Het oudtestamentisch onderzoek aan de Tilburg School of Catholic Theology heeft bijzondere aandacht voor communicatie in en met teksten. Als exemplarische belichting van het brede perspectief dat communicatie naar teksten toe opent, behandelt Norbert Clemens Baumgart verschillende leesstrategien voor 1 Samuel 18:7, Harm van Grol de communicatieve functie van het Slot-Hallel Psalm 146-150, Archibald van Wieringen de rol van de volkerenrij binnen de communicatie in Amos 1-3 en Jeremy Corley meerdere retorische stijlmiddelen in Spreuken en Jesus Sirach
Theologische Perspectieven Supplement Series, 2, 2VM, 2012, pap, 136 pp, € 23.75, 9789490393199
Wieringen, Archibald van, Harm van Grol
Bidden in het Oude Testament. Identiteit en verhoring,woede en vreugde
Gebedsteksten komen overal voor in het Oude Testament. Uiteraard in de Psalmen, maar ook door aartsvaders en profeten wordt gebeden. Dit boek richt de aandacht op de vragen die schuilgaan achter deze gebedsteksten; vragen over bidden, vragen die ook in onze tijd gesteld worden: Waarom bidden? Hoe bidden? Waarvoor bidden? Waarom is er geen verhoring? Waarom zou je God prijzen?

Het Oude Testament zoekt het antwoord op de vraag naar het bidden niet direct bij God, maar bij de bidder. Identiteit en verhoring, en emoties als woede en vreugde komen daarbij aan de orde. De vensters in deze studie laten zien dat de vragen omtrent het bidden voor het Oude Testament wezenlijk zijn. Het Oude Testament bepleit een gelovige gebedshouding die gekenmerkt wordt door een eigen identiteit en emotionaliteit.

Utrechtse Studies 16, Parthenon, 2013, pap, 124 pp, € 16.90, 9789079578474
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Sprache als Schlussel. Gesammelte Aufsatze zum Alten Testament.
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Wilson, R.
Prophecy and Society in Ancient Israel
Publication expected june 2014
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Wyatt, N.
The Archaeology of Myth: Papers on Old Testament Tradition
Israelite religion is studied overwhelmingly in historical categories, on the basis of its so-called 'historical faith'. Myth as a category is often explicitly denied as being present in the Bible. This volume resumes the author's concern (already addressed in "The Mythic Mind", "Equinox 2005") to recognize the importance of mythological categories in discussing any religion, and especially Israelite religion, as a means of redressing this perceived imbalance in this field. Having said this, myths themselves have histories, and the first five chapters in the present collection explore the shaping of various key biblical narratives and themes, with a view to showing how they developed from primitive forms into the distinctive final forms of the text. The last chapter resumes the author's discussion of the general theoretical issues involved in the treatment of myth in the biblical context, arguing that the concept shares many features with history, not least in the concern for both categories to reinforce and even shape social memories and values.
Bibleworld Series, Equinox, 2010, pap, 111 pp, € 37.75, 9781845533588
Wyatt, N.
The Archaeology of Myth: Papers on Old Testament Tradition
Israelite religion is studied overwhelmingly in historical categories, on the basis of its so-called 'historical faith'. Myth as a category is often explicitly denied as being present in the Bible. This volume resumes the author's concern (already addressed in "The Mythic Mind", "Equinox 2005") to recognize the importance of mythological categories in discussing any religion, and especially Israelite religion, as a means of redressing this perceived imbalance in this field. Having said this, myths themselves have histories, and the first five chapters in the present collection explore the shaping of various key biblical narratives and themes, with a view to showing how they developed from primitive forms into the distinctive final forms of the text. The last chapter resumes the author's discussion of the general theoretical issues involved in the treatment of myth in the biblical context, arguing that the concept shares many features with history, not least in the concern for both categories to reinforce and even shape social memories and values.
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Poor Banished Children of Eve. Woman as Evil in the Hebrew Bible
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Zetterholm, Karin Hedner
Jewish Interpretation of the Bible: Ancient and Contemporary
Although Jewish tradition gives tremendous importance to the Hebrew Bible, from the beginning Jewish interpretation of those scriptures has been practiced with remarkable freedom. Karin Hedner Zetterholm offers a clear and concise introduction to the legal, theological, and historical presuppositions that shaped the dominant stream of rabbinic interpretation, including Mishnah, Talmud, and Midrashim, discussing specific examples of different interpretive methods. She then explores the contours of Jewish biblical interpretation evident in the New Testament and the legacy of ancient traditions in the way different Jewish movements read the Bible today. Students of the history of biblical interpretation and of Judaism will find this an important and engaging resource.
Augsburg Fortress, 2012, pap, 210 pp, € 31.95, 9780800697983