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1.1.2 Geschiedenis bijbeltekst

Alter, Robert
Pen of Iron. American Prose and the King James Bible
Princeton UP, 2010, geb, 198 pp, € 18.90, 9780691128818
Arblaster, P. G. Juhasz & G. (eds)
Tyndales Testament
Brepols, 2002, geb, 195 pp, € 47.00, 9782503514116
Batalden, Stephen K.
Russian Bible Wars: Modern Scriptural Translation and Cultural Authority
Although biblical texts were known in Church Slavonic as early as the ninth century, translation of the Bible into Russian came about only in the nineteenth century. Modern scriptural translation generated major religious and cultural conflict within the Russian Orthodox church. The resulting divisions left church authority particularly vulnerable to political pressures exerted upon it in the twentieth century. Russian Bible Wars illuminates the fundamental issues of authority that have divided modern Russian religious culture. Set within the theoretical debate over secularization, the volume clarifies why the Russian Bible was issued relatively late and amidst great controversy. Stephen Batalden's study traces the development of biblical translation into Russian and of the 'Bible wars' that then occurred in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in Russia. The annotated bibliography of the Russian Bible identifies the different editions and their publication history.
Cambridge University Press, 2013, geb, 389 pp, € 84.50, 9781107032118
Bechtoldt, H.J.
Juedische deutsche Bibeluebersetzungen vom ausgehenden 18. bis zum Beginn 20. Jahrhunderts
Kohlhammer, 2005, geb, 682 pp, € 66.50, 9783170186675
Berg, A-J
Vertaald verleden:Beknopte geschiedenis van bijbelvertalen in Nederland
Jongbloed, 2006, pap, 120 pp, € 12.95, 9789061266822
Berg, A. J. van de., Thijs, B.
Uitgelezen. Bijbels en prentbijbels uit de vroegmoderne tijd
Vanaf de zestiende eeuw kende rooms-katholieken, gereformeerden, doopsgezinden en lutheranen elk hun Bijbelvertaling. In de zeventiende eeuw trad een zekere stabilisatie op. De gereformeerden hadden de Statenbijbel, de lutheranen kenden een eigen vertaling en de rooms-katholieke lazen de Moerentorfbijbel. In Uitgelezen worden verschillende Bijbelvertalingen uit de vroegmoderne tijd besproken. Naast Bijbelvertalingen besteden de auteurs ook aandacht aan een concordantie, uitgaven voor de jeugd en prentenbijbels. Ook bijbelsekaarten komen aan de orde. In Uitgelezen zijn een kleine honderd toelichtende full colour illustraties opgenomen.
Jongbloed, 2010, geb, € 12.50, 9789089120311
Bloom, Harold
The Shadow of a Great Rock. A Literary Appreciation of the King James Bible
Van 30,95 voor 27,50

"The King James Bible" stands at 'the sublime summit of literature in English', sharing the honour only with Shakespeare, Harold Bloom contends in the opening pages of this illuminating literary tour. Distilling the insights acquired from a significant portion of his career as a brilliant critic and teacher, he offers readers at last the book he has been writing 'all my long life', a magisterial and intimately perceptive reading of "The King James Bible" as a literary masterpiece. Bloom calls it an 'inexplicable wonder' that a rather undistinguished group of writers could bring forth such a magnificent work of literature, and he credits William Tyndale as their fountainhead. Reading "The King James Bible" alongside "Tyndale's Bible", "The Geneva Bible", and the original Hebrew and Greek texts, Bloom highlights how the translators and editors improved upon - or, in some cases, diminished - the earlier versions. He invites readers to hear the baroque inventiveness in such sublime books as "The Songs of Songs", "Ecclesiastes", and "Job", and alerts us to the echoes of "The King James Bible" in works from the Romantic period to the present day. Throughout, Bloom makes an impassioned and convincing case for reading "The King James Bible" as literature, free from dogma and with an appreciation of its enduring aesthetic value.

Yale UP, 2011, geb, 311 pp, € 27.50, 9780300166835
Campbell, G.
Bible. The Story of the King James Version 1611-2011
Oxford UP, 2010, geb, 354 pp, € 26.95, 9780199557592
Duijn, Mart van
De Delftse Bijbel. Een sociale geschiedenis 1477-circa 1550
De Delftse Bijbel van 1477 is het eerste boek dat werd gedrukt in de Nederlandse taal. Dit gebeurde tegen de achtergrond van belangrijke historische ontwikkelingen: de uitvinding van de boekdrukkunst, de groei van de steden als centra van kennis en cultuur en de toenemende zelfstandigheid van leken op religieus gebied. In De Delftse Bijbel. Een sociale geschiedenis, 1477-ca. 1550 concentreert boekhistoricus Mart van Duijn zich op de vraag hoe de Delftse Bijbel tot stand kwam en door wie deze werd gelezen. Hij plaatst de Delftse Bijbel binnen de emancipatie van de volkstalige Bijbel in de late middeleeuwen. In die periode nam het aantal bijbelvertalingen toe en werden steeds meer volkstalige bijbels geproduceerd, die hun weg vonden naar een breder en groter wordend publiek. Omdat de Delftse Bijbel al vroeg als een belangrijk boek gezien werd zijn er veel exemplaren bewaard gebleven. Van Duijn bestudeerde er 61 die wereldwijd verspreid zijn. Hij schetst een levendig beeld van de vertalers, bewerkers en drukkers die bij de uitgave betrokken waren. Uit eigendomsaantekeningen blijkt wie de vroegste bezitters waren, zoals een vrouwenklooster, een schoenmaker en een kunstenaar. Voor hen was de Delftse Bijbel een bron van devotie en studie, maar ook een alledaags aantekeningenboek.
Bijdragen tot de Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Boekhandel. Nieuwe Reeks, 19, Walburg Pers, 2017, pap, 334 pp, € 34.50, 9789462492349
Ferrell, Lori Anne
The Bible and the People.
In the eleventh century, the Bible was available only in expensive and rare hand-copied manuscripts. Today, millions of people from all walks of life seek guidance, inspiration, entertainment, and answers from their own editions of the Bible. This illustrated book tells the story of what happened to the ancient set of writings we call the Bible during those thousand years. Anchoring the story in material evidence, hundreds of different translations and versions of the Bible, Lori Anne Ferrell discusses how the Bible has been endlessly retailored to meet the changing needs of religion, politics, and the reading public while retaining its special status as a sacred text.

Focusing on the English-speaking world, The Bible and the People charts the extraordinary voyage of the Bible from manuscript Bibles to the Gutenberg volumes, Bibles commissioned by kings and queens, the Eliot Indian Bible, salesmen's door-to-door Bibles, children's Bibles, Gideon Bibles, teen magazine Bibles, and more. Ferrell discusses the Bible's profound impact on readers over the centuries, and, in turn, the mark those readers made upon it. Enjoyable and informative, this book takes a fresh look at the fascinating and little-recognized connections among Christian, political, and book history.

Lori Anne Ferrell is professor of early modern history and literature at Claremont Graduate University.

Yale University Press, 2008, geb, 273 pp, € 26.75, 9780300114249
Gibson, Margaret T.
The Bible in the Latin West
"The Bible in the Latin West" is the first volume in a series that addresses the codicology of texts. In considering how and why the appearance of a manuscript changes over the centuries, Margaret T. Gibson introduces students to the study of manuscripts and to the wider range of information and expertise that can be brought to bear on the study of manuscripts as historical objects as well as texts. Here Gibson surveys the changes in the most important book in the western world, the Latin Bible. She begins the survey in late antiquity, discussing the volumes of the great senatorial houses of the 4th century and how they influenced the early great Bibles of northern Europe. The discussion then moves through the Carolingian period, with its increased interest in commentary to early vernacular versions, and goes on to reveal how in the 11th and 12th centuries the growing numbers of monastic and university readers made new demands on the texts which led to the inclusion of glosses and other scholarly apparatus. Later, the combined influences of increased literacy and growing wealth among the population called for vernacular translations and devotional aids such as Books of Hours. Gibson completes the survey with a look at early printed Bibles. A useful volume for anyone being introduced to the firsthand study of texts and their transmission, as well as for graduate students in history, English, modern languages, classics, and religious studies. "The Bible in the Latin West" contains an introductory survey.
University Of Notre Dame Press, 1993, geb, 100 pp, € 42.50, 9780268006938
Hamel, C. de
Bibles. An Illustrated History from Papyrus to Print
A unique visual history of the bestselling book of all time, Bibles: An Illustrated History from Papyrus to Print provides a snapshot of the biblical tradition through over fifty rare and important Bibles. Following a general introduction, the Bibles are presented in chronological chapters giving a short introduction for each period. Every example, from the oldest biblical fragments dating from c. 200 AD to the lavishly decorated gospels of the fine press tradition in the twentieth-century, is illustrated and accompanied by a caption which explains its particular significance. Drawing exclusively on Oxford's collection, one of the finest in the world, this book tells the remarkable story of the development of the Bible across media, language, and provenance. Containing many unusual examples, some of which have never been illustrated in print before, it includes many of the great biblical texts of the Eastern and Western tradition, including the Magdalen Papyrus, the Laudian Acts, the Anglo-Saxon Exodus, St Margaret's Gospel-book, the Douce Apocalypse, the Bible Moralisee (MS. Bodley 270b), the Kennicot Bible, the Guttenberg Bible, and the King James Bible. Published in the year of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, Bibles: An Illustrated History from Papyrus to Print brings together an extraordinary range of biblical texts and marks a milestone in the history of one of the most influential and enduring books in the world.
Bodleian Library, 2011, pap, € 16.50, 9781851242986
Hamlin, H. & N.W. Jones (eds.)
The King James Bible after 400 Years. Literary, Linguistic, and Cultural Influences
2011 marked the 400th anniversary of the King James version of the Bible. No other book has been as vital to the development of English writing or indeed to the English language itself. This major collection of essays is the most complete one-volume exploration of the King James Bible and its influence to date. The chapters are written by leading scholars from a range of disciplines, who examine the creation of the King James Bible as a work of translation and as a linguistic and literary accomplishment. They consider how it differed from the Bible versions which preceded it, and assess its broad cultural impact and precise literary influence over the centuries of writing which followed, in English and American literature, until today. The story will fascinate readers who approach the King James Bible from the perspectives of literary, linguistic, religious or cultural history.
Cambridge UP, 2011, geb, 364p, € 41.00, 9780521768276
Hollander, A., E. Kwakel & W. Scheepsma (red.)
Middelnederlandse bijbelvertalingen
Verloren, 2007, pap, 207 pp, € 25.00, 9789065509642
Houtman, C.
Bijbelse geschiedenis herverteld. Woord en Beeld - Vraag en Antwoord
van 29.95 voor 15,-

Bijbelse geschiedenissen hervertellen gebeurt al vele eeuwen. Iedere herverdeling beoogt een Bijbelverhaal begrijpelijk te maken voor lezers en hoorders, van jong tot oud. Maar hervertellen is ook keuzes maken. Welke vrijheden hebben vertellers zich daarbij veroorloofd? In hoeverre hebben die vrijheden te maken met de tijd waarin de verhalen gepubliceerd weren en met de achtergrond van de vertellers? Deze vragen worden beantwoord in Bijbelse geschiedenis herverteld.

Allereerst schetst de auteur van dit boek een zo volledig mogelijk beeld van de beschikbare geschriften van protestantse, rooms-katholieke en joodse signatuur uit grofweg de tweede helft van de achttiende eeuw tot het begin van de eenentwintigste eeuw. In het eerste deel van het boek passeren niet alleen kinder-, jeugd- en gezins-Bijbels de revue, maar ook lees- en leer-boekjes, prentenbijbels en bijbelse prentenboeken.

Daarna wordt de herverdeling van de Bijbelse boodschap in kinder- en jeugdbijbels en in leerboekjes en prentenboeken nauwkeurig onderzocht. Aan de hand van vier voorbeeldteksten gaat de auteur na wat er in de hervertelling met een bijbelverhaal is gebeurd en welke veranderingen er zicht ten opzichte van de brontekst hebben voltrokken. De vele illustraties en het kleurenkatern in het midden van het boek maken van Bijbelse geschiedenis herverteld een uniek werk.

Uitgeverij Groen, 2010, geb, 617 pp, € 15.00, 9789058299932
Lamberigts, M. & A.A. den Hollander
Lay Bibles in Europe 1450 - 1800
Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium, Leuven UP, 2006, pap, 360 pp, € 99.95, 9789042917859
Liere, Frans van
An Introduction to the Medieval Bible
The Middle Ages spanned the period between two watersheds in the history of the biblical text: Jerome's Latin translation c. 405 and Gutenberg's first printed version in 1455. The Bible was arguably the most influential book during this time, affecting spiritual and intellectual life, popular devotion, theology, political structures, art, and architecture.

In an account that is sensitive to the religiously diverse world of the Middle Ages, Frans van Liere offers here an accessible introduction to the study of the Bible in this period. Discussion of the material evidence - the Bible as book - complements an in-depth examination of concepts such as lay literacy and book culture. This Introduction includes a thorough treatment of the principles of medieval hermeneutics, and a discussion of the formation of the Latin bible text and its canon. It will be a useful starting point for all those engaged in medieval and biblical studies.

Cambridge UP, 2014, pap, 320 pp, € 32.50, 9780521684606
Light, Laura
The Bible in the Twelfth Century: An Exhibition of Manuscripts at the Houghton Library
Van 26,90 voor 20.-

In the late 1980s, Laura Light undertook the monumental task of bringing the catalogue descriptions of the Houghton's medieval manuscripts--more than 1,300 in all--up to the standards of modern scholarship. Among the fruits of that project was an exhibition in the Library of twelfth century Biblical manuscripts. Light's catalogue catches the culture of the medieval book at its height, not only in Bibles but in breviaries, lectionaries, commentaries, and works of the Doctors and Fathers of the Church.

Harvard UP, 2005, pap, 114 pp, € 20.00, 9780974396347
Marsden, R. & E.A. Matter
The New Cambridge History of the Bible for 600 to 1450
This volume examines the development and use of the Bible from late Antiquity to the Reformation, tracing both its geographical and its intellectual journeys from its homelands throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean and into northern Europe. Richard Marsden and Ann Matter's volume provides a balanced treatment of eastern and western biblical traditions, highlighting processes of transmission and modes of exegesis among Roman and Orthodox Christians, Jews and Muslims and illuminating the role of the Bible in medieval inter-religious dialogue. Translations into Ethiopic, Slavic, Armenian and Georgian vernaculars, as well as Romance and Germanic, are treated in detail, along with the theme of allegorized spirituality and established forms of glossing. The chapters take the study of Bible history beyond the cloisters of medieval monasteries and ecclesiastical schools to consider the influence of biblical texts on vernacular poetry, prose, drama, law and the visual arts of East and West.
New Cambridge History of the Bible, Cambridge UP, 2012, geb, 1045 pp, € 160.00, 9780521860062
McGrath, Alister E.
In the Beginning. The Story of the King James Bible
Hodder & Stoughton, 2001, geb, 340 pp, € 27.50, 9780340785607
Moore, H., J. Reid (eds)
Manifold Greatness. The Making of the King James Bible
Manifold Greatness: the Making of the King James Bible tells the story of the creation and immediate afterlife of the King James translation of the bible, first published in 1611. The King James Bible is the most printed book in existence, with one billion copies in print. Its effect on the English language is incalculable, both in common parlance and in literature. Richly illustrated with manuscripts, artefacts, and archival material concerning the Oxford Translators such as the annotated Bodleian Bishops' Bible of 1602, pages from the Wycliffite and Tyndale bibles and an edition of the Bishop's Bible owned by Elizabeth I, this book also contains material on the later reception of the King James Bible in America, including a chapter on the King James Bible and the Folger Shakespeare Library.
Bodleian Library, 2011, pap, 208 pp, € 27.00, 9781851243495
Norton, David
A History of the Bible as Literature. Volume 1, From Antiquity to 1700
History of the Bible as Literature Series, Cambridge UP, 2004 (1993), pap, 375 pp, € 55.00, 9780521617000
Norton, David
A History of the Bible as Literature. Volume 2 From 1700 to the Present Day
History of the Bible as Literature Series, Cambridge UP, 2005, pap, 493 pp, € 65.50, 9780521617017
Paget, James Carleton, Joachim Schaper(eds)
The New Cambridge History of the Bible: From the Beginnings to 600
Recent years have witnessed significant discoveries of texts and artefacts relevant to the study of the Old and New Testaments and remarkable shifts in scholarly methods of study. The present volume mirrors the increasing specialization of Old Testament studies, including the Hebrew and Greek Bibles, and reflects rich research activity that has unfolded over the last four decades in Pentateuch theory, Septuagint scholarship, Qumran studies and early Jewish exegesis of biblical texts. The second half of the volume discusses the period running from the New Testament to 600, including chapters on the Coptic, Syriac and Latin bibles, the 'Gnostic' use of the scriptures, pagan engagement with the Bible, the use of the Bible in Christian councils and in popular and non-literary culture. A fascinating in-depth account of the reception of the Bible in the earliest period of its history.
New Cambridge History of the Bible, Cambridge University Press, 2013, geb, 979 pp, € 160.00, 9780521859387
Person, H.E. & D.G. Person
Stories of Heaven and Earth: Bible Heroes in Contemporary Childrens Literature
Stories of Heaven and Earth is intended to be a helpful resource for parents, librarians, teachers, and clergy. It offers a critical examination of children's picture books based on stories from the Old Testament, as well as an analysis of these stories as powerful tales of emotional development. The book focuses on a select group of well-known biblical characters, including Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Joseph, David, Jonah and Esther. In this original work, the authors make a cogent argument for why these stories matter. Emphasis is placed on the power of these stories as a source of literature rich in universal archetypes, ethical dilemmas, decision-making, rites-of-passage, and emotional growth. Drawing on connections to familiar fairy tales, folklore and mythology through the work of scholars like Joseph Campbell and Bruno Bettelheim, as well as the work of recognized theorists in the fields of child development and children's literature, the authors show how Bible Stories offer children critically important models of the journey from childhood into adulthood, from dependence to independence. Stories of Heaven and Earth shows how bible stories allow children to become the heroes of their own lives as they make the difficult but essential transition from childhood to adolescence and into adulthood.
Continuum, 2005, geb, 287 pp, € 34.00, 9780826414687
Raat, Friederike de
Muggenzifters en zondebokken: Spreekwoorden en gezegden uit de Bijbel
Er zijn weinig bronnen waar de mens zo veel spreekwoorden en uitdrukkingen uit heeft geput als uit de Bijbel. Denk aan: de dood in de pot vinden, niet van gisteren zijn, in zak en as zitten. Zelfs een veelgebruikt spreekwoord als 'wie een kuil graaft voor een ander valt er zelf in' blijkt afkomstig te zijn uit de Bijbel. De betekenis kennen we wel, maar uit welke bijbelse verhalen komen ze?
Aan de hand van spreekwoorden en gezegden neemt Friederike de Raat u mee op een lichtvoetige taalreis door de Bijbel. Wie dit boek uit heeft, weet waar de muggenzifter zijn oorsprong vindt, waar jeremieren vandaan komt en waarom 'woekeren met de tijd'vaak verkeerd wordt gebruikt.
Nieuw Amsterdam, 2017, pap, 160 pp, € 12.99, 9789046822517
Rischpler, Susanne
Biblia Sacra figura expressa: Mnemotechnische Bilderbibeln des 15. Jahrhunderts
Wissensliteratur im Mittelalter, Schriften des Sonderforschungsbereichs 226 Wurzburg/ Eichstatt, Band 36, Ludwig Reichert Verlag, 2001, geb, 231 pp, 55 pp ill, € 85.00, 9783892002038
Schniedewind, W.S.
How the Bible became a Book. The Textualization of Ancient Israel
te bestellen
Cambridge UP, 2004, geb, 257 pp, € 43.90, 0521829461
Stoppels, S., F. Barnhoorn, A.-M. Schol-Wetter (red)
De Bijbel in Nederland. Reflecties over het gebruik van de Bijbel in kerk en cultuur
In deze bundel bevinden zich verschillende essays over het gebruik van de Bijbel in Nederland. Bijdragen van onder meer Erik Borgman, Herman van Wijngaarden, Desanne van Brederode en Ad van Nieuwpoort.
NBG, 2018, pap, 249 pp, € 22.50, 9789089121561
Trobisch, David
Novum Testamentum Graece, 28. revidierte Aufllage, Eine Einfuhrung
Um den Zugang der komplexen Neuauflage des Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece, 28. Aufl. zu erleichtern und die vielfaltigen Informationen in den Apparaten und Anhangen zu erschliessen, hat David Trobisch diese neue Einfuhrung verfasst. Ohne Vorkenntnisse vorauszusetzen, wendet er sich in einem ersten Teil an absolute Einsteiger und erlautert ihnen den Aufbau des Nestle-Aland. In einem zweiten Teil werden die Struktur des textkritischen Apparates und die Anhange erortert. Ein abschliessender Teil dient der Vertiefung und hat dabei auch die erfahrenen Nutzer des Nestle-Aland im Blick. Ein besonderer Schwerpunkt liegt auf dem Neuerungen der 28. Auflage.
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 2012, pap, 96 pp, € 12.50, 9783438051417
Verkerk, D.
Early Medieval Bible Illumination and the Ashburnham Pentatech
Cambridge UP, 2011, pap, 275 pp, € 30.85, 9781107402003
Weidner, D.
Bibel und Literatur um 1800
Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2010, geb, 400 pp, € 54.95, 9783770550005
White, H.J.
Codex Amiatinus of the Latin Vulgate Bible and its Birthplace
reprint, orig. publ. 1890
Analecta Gorgiana 20, Gorgias Press, 2006, pap, 52 pp, € 44.00, 9781593334987
Williams, J. (ed)
Imaging the Early Medieval Bible
van 109,- voor 65,-
Penn State Press, 1999, geb, 225 pp, € 65.00, 9780271017686
Wurthwein, Ernst
Der Text des Alten Testaments
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1989, pap, 264pp, € 27.50, 9783438060037