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Aymer, M.P.
First Pure, Then Peaceable: Frederick Douglass Reads James
Library of New Testament Studies, 379, T&T Clark, 2007, geb, 148 pp, € 84.95, 978056703379
Brosend II, W.F.
James & Jude
This commentary focuses exclusively on the two letters written by the 'brothers of the Lord', James and Jude. Each letter is discussed on its own merits, and interpreted as having been written early in the life of the Church - it is posited that the letter of James may be one of the oldest Christian writings as well as an early witness to the teachings of Jesus. Particular attention is devoted to understanding the social worlds of James and Jude and to interpreting the significance of their message for our day. Of special interest is the focus on the 'ideological texture' of James, in particular on James' working out of the ethical implications of the teachings of Jesus on poverty and wealth.
The New Cambridge Bible Commentary, Cambridge UP, 2004, pap, 206 pp, € 30.00, 9780521892018
Davids, P.H.
besed on the NIV

For the other volumes see New International Biblical Commentary Series

New International Biblical Commentary, New Testament 15, Hendrickson, 1989/ 1999, pap, 172 pp, € 18.00, 9780943575131
Dibelius, Martin, Martin Greeven
James: A Commentary on the Epistle of James

For the complete Hermeneia series see this link

Hermeneia: A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible, Fortress Press, 1988, geb, 286 pp, € 48.90, 9780800660062
Floor, L.
Jakobus: brief van een broeder
Klik hier voor een overzicht van de complete serie.
Commentaar op het Nieuwe Testament, CNT derde serie, Kok, 1998, 2e druk, geb, 214 pp, € 29.90, 9789024260942
Hartin, P.J.
See the complete list (by author) by clicking on this link
Sacra Pagina Series, Michael Glazier Liturgical Press, 2009, pap, 324 pp, € 38.95, 9780814659755
Johnson, L. T.
Brother of Jesus Friend of God. Studies in the Letters of James
Eerdmans, 2004, pap, 290 pp, € 34.75, 9780802809865
Lockett, D.
Purity and Worldview in the Epistle of James
Library of New Testament Studies, 366, T&T Clark, 2008, geb, 220 pp, € 91.95, 9780567033116
Loo, H. van de
De brief van Jakobus
Dit commentaar op de brief van Jakobus is het resultaat van een literair tekstonderzoek. Hierbij kwam de vraag naar voren: vertoont het betoog, vastgelegd in de tekst, niet een grotere samenhang dan doorgaans wordt aangenomen? Het antwoord op de vraag heeft de vorm gekregen van een ontdekkingsreis waarbij de lezer uitgenodigd wordt mee te reizen.

Via deze link vindt u alle delen in deze reeks.

Belichting van het Bijbelboek, KBS, 1986, pap, 90pp, € 15.00, 9789061733911
McKnight, Scot
The Letter of James
Scot McKnight here explains the Letter of James both in its own context and as it may be seen in light of ancient Judaism, the Graeco-Roman world, and emerging earliest Christianity.
From beginning to end, the book is shaped for pastors, teachers, and scholars. McKnight is less interested in shedding new light on James than on providing a commentary for those who want to explain the letter and its significance to congregations and classes.
This commentary is accessible to a broad readership, at once full of insight and of good sense and wit that makes for good reading. The Letter of James is an especially helpful source for consultation as to what James is about.
New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT), Eerdmans, 2011, geb, 497 pp, € 56.95, 9780802826275
Tamez, E.
The scandalous message of James. Faith without works is dead.
Crossroad, 2002, pap, 177 pp, € 15.45, 9780824519414
The Voice of Jesus in the Social Rhetoric of James
This programmatic socio-rhetorical investigation approaches the Epistle of James as an instance of written deliberative rhetoric, and it seeks to ascertain the social texture of James 2.5, a rhetorical performance of language that in other contexts is explicitly attributed to Jesus. Utilizing the conventions of Greco-Roman rhetoric, Dr Wachob successively probes the inner texture, the intertexture, the social and cultural texture, and the ideological implications of the rhetoric in James 2.1-13. He analyses James' activation of antecedent texts in the LXX, common conceptions and topics in the broader culture, and also sayings in the Jesus tradition. He concludes that James emanates from the same milieu as the pre-Matthean Sermon on the Mount and shows James 2.5 to be an artful performance of the principal beatitude in that early epitome of Jesus' teachings.
Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series 106, Cambridge UP, 2000, geb, 251 pp, € 93.00, 9780521660693
Wick, P.
Der Brief des Jakobus
Theologischer Kommentar zum Neuen Testament, Kohlhammer, 2007, pap, 260 pp, € 33.95, 9783170203568