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Black, F. C.
The Artifice of Love, Grotesque Bodies and the Song of Songs
Library of Biblical Studies, T&T Clark, 2009, geb, 280 pp, € 96.00, 9780826469854
Deckers-Dijs, Mimi
Een semiotische analyse van het Hooglied met speciale belangstelling voor het gepassioneerde en emotionele.

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Belichting van het Bijbelboek, KBS, pap, 160 pp, € 17.50, 9789061734499
Dommershausen, Werner
Ester / Hoheslied

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Die Neue Echter Bibel. Kommentar zum Alten Testament mit der Einheitsuebersetzung, Bd 02, Echter Verlag, 1995, pap, € 17.00, 9783429006501
Exum, J.C.
Song of Songs
The Old Testament Library, Westminster John Knox Press, 2005, geb, 263 pp, € 38.75, 0664221904
Gershom. L. ben (Gersonides)
Commentary on the Song of Songs
Translated from the hebrew with an introduction & annotations by Menachem Kellner
Yale Judaica Series 27, Yale UP, 1998, geb, 161 pp, € 41.50, 9780300071474
Kingsmill, Edmee
The Song of Songs and the Eros of God. A Study in Biblical Intertextuality
Modern biblical scholarship interprets the Song as a collection of love lyrics. For Edmee Kingsmill, on the contrary, the essence of the Song is mystical. A principal concern of this study, however, is to uncover the relationship between the 117 verses of the Song and those biblical books to which they point. Beneath the metaphors a network of allusions is being woven, conveying a picture opposite to that we find in the prophets who, confronted with the continual 'adultery' of Israel, poured forth their condemnations with unwearying passion.

In dramatic contrast, the Song presents a paradisal picture: 'For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear in the land, and the time of singing is come' (Song 2: 11-12). Thus, in presenting the ideal, the intention of the Song's author is shown to be encouragement. The inclusion of this poem in the biblical canon is understood, therefore, to be central to the purpose of the biblical literature: to bring all people to love the God of love.

The book is in two parts. The first and longer part is concerned with themes, including the relationship of the Song to the early Jewish mystical literature. The second part is a short commentary intended for the reader interested in the text as much as in the related questions to which the text gives rise.

Oxford Theological Monographs, Oxford UP, 2009, geb, 317 pp, € 123.90, 9780199577248
Longman III,Tremper
Song of Songs
The most intimate of all human relationships, according to the Bible, is that between a husband and a wife. It is not surprising, therefore, that there is a book of the Bible, the Song of Songs, that focuses on this relationship. What is surprising is how little attention is given to the Song of Songs by scholars, by the church, and by readers of the Bible. With this volume, however, Tremper Longman III has written a fine commentary on the Song of Songs, unpacking for modern people what this ancient love poem says about the male-female relationship -- and, by analogy, about God's love for his people.

Longman's superb study begins with a thorough introduction to the Song of Songs and its background. Longman discusses the book's title, authorship, date, literary style, language, structure, cultural milieu, and theological content. He also canvasses the long history of interpretation of the Song of Songs, a history too often characterized by repression of the text. In the commentary itself, Longman structures the Song of Songs according to its twenty-three poetic units and explains its message verse by verse. The exposition is made clearer by Longman's adoption of an anthropological approach to the text and by his frequent comparisons of the Song of Songs with other ancient Near Eastern literature.

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New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT), Eerdmans, 2001, geb, 238 pp, € 34.25, 9780802825438
Lyke, L.L.
I Will Espouse You Forever: The Songs of Songs and the Theology of Love in the Hebrew Bible
Abingdon, 2007, pap, 142 pp, € 18.75, 9780687645749
Marijnissen, E.
Het lied van de oprechte mens. Naar een nieuw verstaan van het Hooglied
van 19,50 voor 7,50
Valkhof Pers, 2009, pap, 195 pp, € 7.50, 9789056252939
Murphy, Roland E.
The Song of Songs: A Commentary on the Book of Canticles or the Song of Songs
Murphy offers a representative sounding in the major periods of the Song's exegetical history. Attention is given to the hermeneutical principles operative in the development of Jewish and Christian exposition. Murphy examines the literary character and structure of the Song, aspects of its composition and style, and its meaning and theological significance.

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Hermeneia: A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible, Fortress Press, 1990, geb, 264 pp, € 43.00, 9780800660246
Norris, R.A. (ed.)
The Song of Songs. Interpreted by Early Christian and Medieval Commentators
The Church’s Bible Series, 1, Eerdmans, 2004, geb, 325 pp, € 37.50, 0802825796 / 9780802825797
Tov, Lika (ill)
Mijn lief. Hooglied uit de Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling
van 15,95 voor 6,95
NBG, 2004, pap, 47 pp, € 6.95, 9789061268901
Turner, D.
Eros & Allegory. Medieval Exegesis of the Song of Songs
Cistercian Studies Series 156, Cistercian Publications, 1995, pap, 471 pp, € 35.90, 9780879079567